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Description: This article is related to iheart com activate. The writer shows you what the I Heart Radio is, what kind of functions it has and how to use it to find out something that you like.

I Heart Radio is like last F.M. It lets you create your own stations based on music that you want to listen to. It lets you listen to certain stuff like that. You can look at what’s new and what it suggests for you. Here’s the app. As you can see, it is the same tile design as before.

Let’s go here, this is the search tab like the home screen. You can use voice, a chat pad or keyboard. This tab is called a station. Stations are places where you look at what you like. I create such a track, I want to make a station based on this track.

The next is featured, they are new tracks and new people. The new artist tracks released are on there. I don’t have an account, but this will have my personal information. It will show your friends and state your friends’ stations and what you shared with your friends. It will profile your basic account information. That is I Heart Radio. Click on the bottom to go back to the app selector and click on another app.

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