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The Comparison Between Pandora and iHeartRadio and Spotify at Iheart Com Activate. Com

I know some people who like music, but they don’t want to pay for it, so they listen to online radios, regular radios or other music listeners. But there are three main ones out there at right now I’ve heard of —Pandora, iheart radio and Spotify.

And today I will be telling you what they are, what they do and what I think about them. So let’s get right into it. This is Pandora, it is all radio, not like live radio. When you tune into a channel on your car or something, it feels like hit radio.

So you can look up artists, Daft Punk, for example, there’s a radio here and you can listen to it, this is a hip-hop station, hit it and it will play. What I want to tell you is that this app has a feature which is different from other players, with which you can skip songs.

You can give it thumbs up if you like it or thumbs down if you don’t. But you can’t skip the song if you don’t like, and you can’t drag this as well, but you can click this and it will skip to the next song. If you have an ad which will come up sometimes, you can tune into different songs.

This next one is iHeart Radio, which is like Pandora but different in a way, you can find artists by searching up. When you find Robin Thicke, and you will find his radio, then you can play station.

And you need an account for that, now we’re logged in and this is Robin Thicke’s radio. You can’t think it as Pandora, because it gives you different songs but you can skip through songs just like we did in Pandora. A cool thing is that you have live radio on iHeart Radio which is very cool. I don’t listen to any of them, but 93 has most clicks and you can listen to it, however, there are only a few stations for you.

Now it is Spotify which is my favorite. It’s like others, but it has a radio itself—Spotify radio. You can listen to whatever you want on this, like I don’t have to listen to songs as other ones. It allows you to skip songs.

And you can go down and click any list you like and it will give you different songs, and it will play, this is the occasional advertisement.

But if you have Spotify Premium, it does not show up here, it costs five dollars a month. This is the one I have playlists on and I’ve used it for about over a year and I like it.

I hope you enjoy that Pandora, iheart Radio and Spotify, and if you want me to do any other verses, leave it in the comment. I’ll see you next time.

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