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How to Send iMessages When Waiting for Activation

Description: This article is related to imessage waiting for activation. The author primarily shows the readers how to send an iMessage on an iOS device. She presents the readers some great functions, sending a message with image, sending a gift or a handmade picture.

You want to use the iMessage app to chat with your friends and family, but you are not sure how to use it. If you are in this situation, you’re lucky. I’m Jessica. In this content, I’ll show you how to send an iMessage on your iOS device. Let’s get started.

Tap the messages icon to start up the app, tap this button in the top right corner of your screen to start a new conversation. At the top of your screen, tap the text box and type in the contact information of the person. You can type in the phone number or email address or their names, if they are saved in your address book.

Remember that the person who you’re sending an iMessage to has to have an Apple device, since iMessage is only available on Apple devices. If you send a message to someone who doesn’t have an Apple device, it will be sent as a regular text message.

Now tap the text box that appears above your keyboard and type in your message. Tap the smiley face icon on your keyboard to choose a fun sticker emoji to add to your message. Tap this button to reveal attachment options.

If you’d like to attach an image, tap the camera button, you’ll be given the option to capture a new image or choose one from your device. Roll and tap this button to take a new photo or scroll to the right to look through your photos and select one. Tap once on an image to attach it to your message.

If you want to send a fun gift, tap this icon, this will allow you to access gifts, search feature and choose one of the featured gifts. If you like them, you can tap the search box and type in what you’d like to find. Tap a gift once to attach it to your message.

If you want to draw something to send to your friend, tap the text box above your keyboard. Turn your device sideways, you’ll see a screen with space to draw something. Drag your finger over the white space of your screen to draw or write. When you finish it, tap Done to attach it to your message.

When you have added all the attachments and fun things to your message, tap this blue arrow button to send it. That’s everything about how to send iMessages on your iPhone or iPad. Please check out our iMessage course. We’d love it if you clicked the thumbs up button below.

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