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How to Setup iMessage and FaceTime Waiting for Activation

Description: This article is related to imessage waiting for activation. The author primarily shows the readers how to set an iMessage or FaceTime on an iOS device. The steps of setting it are going to messages, filling information, verifying iMessage and checking email addresses.

Today I’m going to show you how to set an iMessage or FaceTime on your iOS device. It’s easy. Especially, the people who are from the outside US and Europe don’t know how to do it, because many of the mobile operating systems do not support iMessage or FaceTime or lots of new users who are using iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch don’t know how to create an applied ID. So I’m going to show you all the steps, let’s begin.

Open up settings and go to messages. Make sure that you have one Internet, Wi-Fi or 3G. If your option is a message option, if it’s off, then turn it on, go to send and receive. If you have a mobile number supported, it will appear here automatically. If you do not have, you will have to add an email. If you have an Apple ID, log in. If you don’t have one, you will have to choose this option, user apply, click on it, then choose to create a new Apple ID.

You have to fill the information, your first name, your last name and your email address. You have to add the 1a, you have to add an email address that you haven’t used before for Apple ID, then fill in your password and security questions, the date of birth and your location, that’s all. I’m going to speed up this part, because it’s like an illustration.

You can use any email address, it doesn’t matter. For the password, make sure that you have more than eight characters, it must be letters and numbers. For letters, you must have at least one capital as well, then click Next. It asks you for password for your Apple ID. I’m going to type my password, click Next.

It’s a game to verify your iMessage, your account. Then you’ll get an error message, because the server can not be able to verify your Apple ID. So you have to check your email, you can check it here or go to your computer as I’m going to show you.

I’m checking my email address, because I’m using G-mail, I have to optimize my email account. You’ll see an email from Apple. You have to verify your email address, click on the link, then wait for a couple of seconds. You have to start your email address, you will get a message which says that your email has been verified. It’s time to go back to your iPhone or iOS device, then tap next. As you can see, your email has been added.

There are a couple of things which you have to know. Sometimes you get an error, because you have created lots of Apple IDs with one iPhone. In that case, you have to use your professor IDs or you have to create a new one with a credit card and log in to FaceTime. Go back to settings, then you will see FaceTime, tap on it, choose to add an email or user Apple ID. It doesn’t matter, log in. Now you have added an Apple ID for your FaceTime and your EIN message.

I’m going to show you that how to make a difference between iMessage and text message. First, go to messages, then type in a new message. I’m going to use my account, then you can see that if the person has one iMessage.

The sand color will be blue, it means that this person has one iMessage, you can send an iMessage to this person. But how do you know if it’s a text message. Let’s change, now it’s green. It means that this person doesn’t have one iMessage, so green indicates a text message, blue indicates an iMessage.

How to make a free sample. Because you can’t see any option like FaceTime on an iPhone. However, you have this option on an iPad. For iPhone users, go to contacts or go to phones and choose somebody who has FaceTime. Let’s see my brother, scroll down until you see FaceTime icon, tap on FaceTime. You will see all of his contacts.

Now you can observe that my brother uses FaceTime on his iCloud account, because there is a small icon in the kids’ FaceTime. Tap on this camera icon. From now on, you can use the iMessage or FaceTime. Have a nice time.

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