Indoor Toddler Activities for Kids

Description: This passage is mainly about indoor activities for kids. In this passage, we can know about the five top interesting indoor activities for a toddler, which can entertain the kids and help them develop the abilities.

Welcome back to my channel, in today’s article, I’m going to share with you five of our favorite indoor activities. On days like today, when it is wet and miserable and you’re stuck indoors, these kinds of activities are perfect for entertaining your little ones, so I hope you find these useful.

One of area’s favorite is color sorting, all you’re going to need are some colored balls, we pick these up from Pellman’s in our recent shopping trip, and we are using these with her IKEA bowls, but you can use any kinds of bowls and sticks and color cards in.

So as it says on the tin, we are going to be organizing these pom-poms into the colored bowls, it is great for teaching colors, hand-eye coordination and generally teaching them to tidy up, since introducing this game to area, she has literally played it non-stop every single day, she is obsessed with it, it’s so inexpensive and it’s a great way of keeping her entertained when I have jobs and bits to do around.

The second activity is another very inexpensive one, we pick up this pipe cleaner in Poundland, and all you need are some cake cleaners and a kitchen colander, it’s very similar to the last game, and it is poking the pipe cleaners through the colander and making like a spiderweb effect inside, this is another great game for organizing and developing fine motor skills, and for some reasons it’s very entertaining.

The third activity is a water station. I don’t know why a child doesn’t love to play water, what we’ve done here is to take one of our IKEA TRO fast storage boxes that isn’t being used, and fill it with a little bit of water, and add in some of our bath toys and some pouring cups, and let her wrap it, this is a great activity that can be used indoor and outdoor depending on the weather and keep them occupied for ages.

If you don’t have any kinds of equipment to hand, you can easily get them to do the washing up, kids love to help with chores, and this is one thing that I find helps me as well as entertaining area. Next activity is a paper plate crack. What we’re going to do is to use the pom-poms and the pipe cleaners from these previous activities, and draw some faces on the plate.

We’ve got these googly eyes from Poundland, this article is not sponsored by Poundland, but it’s a very great place to pick up cheap arts and crafts when you don’t want to spend a huge amount on indoor activities.We’re going to crack on mixing faces, get a bit creative and kill a couple of hours.

In the end, this last activity is one that every child loves, and that is baking, it doesn’t have to be one of those expensive activities, you can easily pick up a packet mix from your local supermarket, or even buy plain cupcakes and decorate them at home.

Today we decide to make rice crispy cakes, but we’ve also made things such as banana, bread and rocky road which is very easy, and it doesn’t have to take the most delicious thing, we’re not auditioning for bake-off here, but it is a very fun activity that kids love to help out with, and you get to eat afterwards which is always about us.

So those are our top five indoor activities for a toddler. I would love to know what you and your kids get up to when you are stuck indoors, please leave me a little comment below and like this article if you enjoy it, and I will see you all very soon, thanks for reading. Bye.

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