5 Indoor Winter Activities for Toddlers Collab with Teeny Vlogs

Description: This article is related to indoor activities. The writer primarily shares five of her favorite activities which are done with her children. These activities bring a lot of fun for her and her children during the winter.

Today I’m going to do another collaboration. I’m going to share five of my favorite things which I do with my children during the winter months with you. This is my good friend, Christina from teeny vlogs. I love Christina. She’s one of my dearest friends. We are friends not only on YouTube but in real life. So subscribe to Christina, go to her channel and watch her content, that will be linked below.

My name is Jamie, I uploaded contents regarding lifestyle of motherhood and beauty. I would love it if you subscribed below. If you want to see more contents from, give me some thumbs up. Christina and I are going to share five of our favorite things which we do with our children during the winter months with you when it’s cold outside.

One of the things that we like to do is building a fort. My kids love hiding in places like nooks and create little homes inside. It’s simple to throw a big sheet over your kitchen table, children love it. Even if it’s in the same room, it’s good to get a fort to play inside with more fun.

My second idea is to bring out some toys for rainy days, it’s more like snowy day toys. We put away some specific toys so that the kids can get them all the time. Otherwise, they would get a lot of pieces or get them a little messy. You can go to the Dollar Tree and buy some Dollar Toys that aren’t crazy. For example, punching balloons that have the rubber band on the end of them. My children think that those are great.

The next thing that we like to do is to bake things. Fiona loves making some chocolate chip cookies. I know that you usually get some raw eggs in it. Buy that’s not the best for her. She likes helping in the kitchen. It’s a fun thing for you to do with your children. It bonds us, and it’s something that we look forward to doing.

This next thing is to go outside. You can get in your van and go somewhere, you can go somewhere where there are indoor activities for free. We love going to the library, there are library plays, singing, dancing and stories. That’s fun for my children, we look forward to it. It gets us out of the house.

The last thing that we like to do is to go to our playroom. We like to turn up the music loud and dance. We’ve got a little basketball hoop there. My husband loves going to town with the kids and playing basketball. We run around. It brings us a lot of fun.

So those are my five indoor winter activities. You can comment below and leave some of your favorite winter activities. I love getting ideas from other mothers. During these days of the long winter, don’t forget to click the link below. Read Cristina’s content and subscribe to her on her channel. See you next time, have a good day.

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