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3 Ways of Removing iCloud Apple ID off iPad iPhone iPod IOS 7 8 9 10 Activation Lock No Hacking

Description: This passage is mainly about ipad activation lock. In this passage, we can know 3 ways of removing iCloud Apple ID off iPad, iPhone or iPod iOS 7 8 9 10 with no hacking and no doulci.

It’s Shawn at LawCanic, I want to go over a few scenarios that you might come across with iCloud and passcode, and how you can get into the phone or remove iCloud. One of the ones that I want to start off with is this phone which has a passcode lock on it, but we don’t know if it has iCloud on it.

How we can check it is that if we turn over the phone on the bottom of it, you’re going to have the IMEI, and we’re going to go to the iCloud.com.website, on that website they have a checked activation lock status, now you can type in the IMEI number which I’m going to do for this phone, and that will tell you whether iCloud is on this phone or not.

Then enter in their security thing and continue OK, so activation lock is off on this which is great, so in this instance, what we want to do is that since it has this passcode there, you can’t get into settings, and in general then reset all contents.

So what you want to do is that you want to put this phone in recovery mode where you have to plug it into iTunes, and restore from an update, and how you do that is that you press and hold the power and home button until the phone turns off, and then as soon as it turns off, let go of the power button, and continue to hold the home button.

Then take a USB cord and plug it into the phone and into the computer while holding the home button, and this will put it in your restore mode, and then you can restore it, if you have any other questions about that, I’ll have a link in the description on how to do that.

Then once you restore it, you can use the phone like normal. Another scenario that I want to go over is that let’s hope that there isn’t a passcode lock here, so if it doesn’t have a passcode lock, one of the first things that you want to check is the iCloud.

So go into settings, go into iCloud, go down to the bottom and see if Find My iPhone is on or off, in this case if it is off, it is great, so you can go into reset and erase all contents and settings, erase iPhone and then the iCloud will be off of the phone, and then you’re out, and then you don’t have to worry about it.

The final scenario that I want to talk about is that you can get into the phone, and you go into settings, and you go into iCloud, and that Find My iPhone is on, so from here let’s go back to the top of the iCloud section, let’s take note of the email, that’s your phone, YouTube2016@yahoo.com.

Let’s go down to the mail, contacts and calendar, let’s check their yahoo, make sure it gets count phone 2016 yahoo.com, so that means if we send a password to reset by email, then it will come to this phone, and we can reset it, now you can do that.

You can either go on the phone that you’re using, or go on the computer to iCloud.com, and then from here I’m going to open Find My iPhone but on the website, then you can sign in either way, if you need to do forgot Apple ID your password, type in the email, phone u2 2016 yahoo.com, this is where you’re going to type in whatever email is in the settings.

Click Next, reset by email and it’s going to send an email, so let’s get out of here, let’s go into our email. How to reset your Apple ID and password? We’re going to take this link, and we’re going to enter in a new password, so I’m going to do YouTube 2018 and turn it again, YouTube 28, we have done it, click Next, so the password has been changed.

So let’s get out of here, and it’s going to make us reenter it, so it should automatically pop up asking you for the new password, so we’re going to enter that in Sign In, so it’s been updated, let’s go down here to the Find My iPhone, we’re going to turn it off YouTube 2018 turn off, it’s turning off on my iPhone.

Then we’re going to go down here and we’re going to sign out, delete for my iPhone, delete for my iPhone, and then you can go into general, and then you can go into reset, erase all contents and settings, erase iPhone or ace iPhone, and then you have a brand-new phone.

Now as a disclaimer, I’m not saying go out and try and find iPhone, you can try and get the iCloud off and take for your personal, now this can be used for I forgot my password, I need to turn iCloud off for some reason, so use this at your own discretion.

I appreciate the support that I’ve gotten here recently, I’m going to try and bring new content more often, if you have a request for an article, please leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to try and make it other than that, have a great day.

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