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Clear iCloud Lock with App Switcher on IOS 11 IPhone Activation Lock

Description: This passage is mainly about iPhone activation lock. In this passage, the writer tells us how to access the app switcher from an iCloud locked device in iOS 11, which fully works on iOS 11 beta 1.

This is Apple Tech 752. I’m going to show you how to bypass iCloud activation lock on iOS 11 beta 1. I don’t know where it’s been patched, it works in any other betas, but I know it works in beta 1 without much further do, let’s get started.

So this glitch is not found by myself, it is found by another user, I will have a link to his channel in the description, so be sure to check that out if you want to see the original source of this glitch, but to get started with it, you’re going to want to triple click the home button and enable voiceover.

I’ll turn it up, so you can hear it, and this glitch starts by accessing the app switcher, and from the app switcher, you get to the home screen, so what you’re going to want to do is to swipe up from the bottom left corner towards the center, it may not work for the first time, it is saying that more countries in region heading set up.

And you can see setup in the app switcher, and what you’re going to want to do now is to triple click the home button again, and here you have set it up, you can swipe and clear setup, but it crashes back to the setup screen, so what I’m going to do instead is to quickly tap here and tap the phone.

Now we are in the phone app on iOS 11, we have everything worked here, and what’s nice about this which is opposed to my other article is that it’s activated, so you’ll be able to make calls, because the device is registered and activated, so it’s not same as this partial in the phone app, you’re in the phone app.

If you have a SIM card, you can make calls, I don’t have a SIM card, so I can’t do voicemail now, but you can do contacts and add a photo, and you get the camera here, so definitely it is a very cool glitch moving on to part 2.

So to exit out of this, you’re going to want to triple click for voiceover again, then voiceover is on, and you’re going to want to swipe off in the same way, swipe up or down, clone a switcher, and as you can see that the app switchers are here, you’re going to do the same thing as before.But except with FaceTime.

Tap quickly, swipe over, and tap on FaceTime and FaceTime will open, as you can see that there they have filled in to enter characters which is unlike before, so you can sign in to FaceTime and possibly even send a lost mode signal to your device.

I haven’t tested that out yet, but remember before I have said that wait for activation, this time it’s working on FaceTime, since the device is activated, and that’s the phone and FaceTime, you can’t get into any other applications.

I’ve tried every single one, these are the only two that work, but I am going to show you what happens when you try and click on them, because voiceover will still register, they’re there, so as you can see I’m on the app switcher now, we have setup and phone loaded, and I’m going to try to open up settings and show you what happens.

Notice how I am able to click on it, but it won’t open, the same thing happens on lots of other applications voiceover on setup, so remember to switch phone active, swipe up with voice, try to open music, it will click but it won’t let you open it unfortunately.

So that wraps it up, this is an iCloud bypass to get into phone and FaceTime, one more note on the emergency call, you can make a very long emergency call, and it will still go through, as you can see, there is a little green bar up there, but it’ll call them.

For you assuming you have a SIM card, and it’s glitching for me, because I don’t have a SIM card, but you can make non-emergency calls, get in the phone and get into FaceTime, all of my clock devices on iOS 11, that’s beta 1 until next time, this is Apple Tech 752. I am going to sign out, be sure to check out my website at APPLETECH752.com for more information.

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