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5 Best Kids Activity Trackers Best Kids Activity Tracker Review Top 5 Kids Activity Tracker

Description: This passage below mainly focuses on kids activity tracker, introducing you 5 best kids activity trackers of 2018 which include VTech Kidizoom DX2, Sqord N-0215, Garmin vivofit jr.2, Orbo Smartwatch and LeapFrog LeapBand.

Here are five best kids activity trackers. Number five is Sqord N-0215. It is active play through fun game app for kids, best activity tracker for kids. Sqord wearable activity tracker can motivate health and encourage healthy activities. It has no strangers or safety risks. It has nine months battery life without any charging. Check the description for detail and price.

Number four is VTech Kidizoom DX2. There are two cameras which allow you to take video. It includes a motion sensor and a new sleek and stylish design. You can use it to customize selfies. Item weight is 6.4 ounces. You can active challenges in a pedometer. Check the description for detail and price.

Number three is Garmin vivofit jr.2. It’s a swim-friendly kids activity tracker which is in theme of Marvel Avengers. It has a customizable color screen and one plus year battery life. It syncs with free mobile app. It has 16 minutes of daily recommended activity. Check the description for detail and price.

Number two is Orbo Smartwatch. It include micro USB cable makes. It is easy to be charged of internal battery. Capacitive touchscreen features vivid display. You will have impressive playtime once it is charged. Item weight is 5.6 ounces. The SmartWatch displays both analog. Check the description for detail and price.

Number one is LeapFrog LeapBand. You can use it in nurturing and healthy choices. It’s like “pounce like a lion!”. It has the experience of the first activity tracker made for kids. It encourages kids with ages of four to seven years to play. Item weight is seven ounces. Check the description for detail and price.

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