A Review of Best Knee Brace Support at

Description: The article below focuses on the e X 701 performance knee brace we can buy from walmart, which can allow the knee to bend without restrictions, we can also see some features of it that are greatly improved during exercise when we are playing sports.

The XO is body gear e^x 701 performance knee brace has been designed from the ground up to provide advanced functional support for a range of knee problems from patellar tendon pain arthritic knee conditions mild to moderate ACL medial and lateral ligament problems and for use in sports and recreation to aid in pain and injury prevention.

The e X 701 performance knee brace is noticeably different by designing to many other generic neoprene knee braces on the market, the key feature is in its innovative four-way independent strap system which gives advanced custom support and improved comfort in the following ways.

Putting the e X 701 on, you will find the two larger straps securely anchor the brace around the thigh and lower leg preventing a common problem for many generic, three strap designs of knee braces often slipping down especially upon movement to smaller crossover straps isolates and supports the patellar tendon area creating enhanced customized compression to your desired level both above and below the knee the built in double lateral stabilizers integrate with the four-way strap design to help with mild MCL and LCL ligament sprains and unstable weak needs creating firm yet flexible all-round support designed with an important comfort gap which eliminates excess material at the back of the knee.

It can allow the knee to bend without restrictions, this feature is greatly improved using the e^x 701 during exercise, when we are playing sports, an elastic sleeve helps position the brace for easy fitting and also provides a smooth surface to prevent the straps which wrap behind the knee from cutting into or irritating the skin finished with a premium jacquard lycra inner lining to help minimize sensitive skin from rash or irritation with strong velcro which can easily hold over 35 pounds of weight and thick velcro tabs.

There is no need to worry about the loss of adhesion or the velcro attachments curling up over time, the e X 701 is a one-size-fits-all fully adjustable design for both men and women and will fit individuals who measure up to 22 inches across the thigh, three inches above the knee, a minimum knee circumference of 13 inches is recommended for the best fitting, try the e X 701 performance knee brace and feel the difference in true functional support and comfort risk free with a 100% money-back guarantee sold exclusively on and amazon co UK.

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