EX-701 Open Patella Knee Brace Review and Standard Generic Knee Support at

Description: The article will mention the unique features of the ex 7o1 knee brace bought in walmart, the author will show us how we can use it, he especially mentions three straps that can be used to tie onto the legs and analyzes the stabilization of it.

I have the ex7 one performance stabilized knee brace on my right knee with a unique four-way strap system and to highlight the differences and the benefits of the ex7 one over a typical standard generic three strap and open patella knee brace, I had that on my left hand knee now.

We’re going to show you the unique features of the ex 7o1 over a standard dime-a-dozen, three strap generic knee brace and what you’re going to see straightaway is a very different way of securing the knee brace.

As you can see, we have four point system here with the ex 7o1 and how that works is each individual strap crosses over itself to harness and secure the knee in a very secure anti slip mechanism.

That’s not going to come down, no matter how hard you try and pull this down over a typical three strap design and what I mean by three straps, we have one strap here, we have the second strap which wraps around the back like this and we have the final strap which goes down there.

Now you can see straight away that it’s not a very clean snug fit because of the way of the design, what that causes is also about movement around the knee and one thing I want to highlight here is how well you tighten this up.

There’s no actual way to secure this to anyone for Anatomy, because of the way of the mechanism you’ll see, there’s a wide gap around the patella here, thus there’s no real patella stabilization going on this type of knee brace.

You’ll see straight away, it’s a very tight aperture around that patella opening what that does, it secures and isolates that patella tendon stopping it from moving around, so if you have any isolation issues, this is a great knee brace for that.

The other key point here is that if you have patella tendon pain or with jumpers knee, that’s usually from a swollen patellar tendon, it’s normally because the quadricep is pulling theá, the tendon out of place, so it’ll get some relief from a patellar tendon band which you can get around here.

You can see this crossover strap here, it does help relief to patella tendon pain by pushing that patellar tendon down, you can’t achieve the same thing with a three strap knee brace, because this strap here which is required to secure that knee brace doesn’t have a band that goes around the patella, so that’s a flaw on this kind of issue as well.

First turn around, you’ll see some cool design Peters here, when we look at the ex7 of the strap system allows it to split around the back, so you’ll see there is one centimetre comfort gap here that allows you to bend the knee very easily.

There’s no excess material piling up at the back and it also makes it much more comfortable to wear throughout the day, a typical three strap knee brace which are having a look left-hand side, here you can see that middle strap runs around the back of the knee and that causes some irritation around the back here.

We can see the open skin often the stitching and the velcro around here does scratch the back of your knee, it also causes restriction, because that is going around the knee where it needs to bend, so it does make it much more harder to bend up to 90 degrees, so if you have mild to moderate pain, this is not going to help you at all in terms of moving around now.

Let’s look at stabilization for a second with this typical generic knee, straight at knee brace here, there’s no slide stabilisation here at all, so there is nothing to stop the knee being protected from the side here, because there’s no real stabilization here, this is a very loose, very weak brace, it is essentially almost a cloth brace here as well.

There is no real functional support which can make you come here, if we look at the ex7 one, you’ll see when I take this off, you’ll also see that it has a sleeve at the back, so that helps straight away position in the place, knee brace straight away.

But if I take this off, you’ll see that it has the built in stable nation coils here, so you can see there’s a lot of flex there, so that combines together to give a much more stable uniform compression all the way around the knee, so when you combine that with the four-way strap mechanism which you can see with these individual straps that compresses the knee from all angles, it gives great support all the way up and down the knee.

If I do put that back on, you’ll see by placing the foot straight through that sleeve, it allows me to straightaway position that knee brace on the ideal area makes it much easier to fit and a cool step that nice leap.

It also means there’s no irritation from the back of the straps. I can now place this individually around the areas which are more compression, so the idea around this knee brace is that when all four points are attached, it crosses over, so there are forces from this forces from the left and forces from the right.

You get a nice compression all the way around this stability round the size, so if you do any kind of sport, basketball, skiing, soccer, any kind of team sport where this lateral side and side movements going on, this is going to give you some support as well.

It’s around less than six ounces or 175 grams and so it’s nice and lightweight, you can use this white runs, four-point system is not going to put it, it will not fall down, so it is a snug fit.

If you compare that to your typical three strap design, there is no support there at all, it’s very flimsy and this is going to fall off and slide off, if you need to do any kind of exercise, there’s no comparison in terms of the support.

This is true functional support, the support it does is that it gives you heat retention through the neoprene, but you can see that it doesn’t fit anywhere as nice as px 701. It’s unsightly around the back there as well, so that’s the reason why the exc little one has got very good reviews, it is a very unique individual product that’s designed from the ground up and I think this will be suitable for anybody that has any kind of knee conditions as well, so there’s a review of the x7 and one versus a standard typical three strap generic knee brace.

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