A Review of Lawson Software Company Profile at Portal. Com

Description: This is a review of the Lawson software about loss, the profile of the company, what they can offer comparing to the other competitive companies.

I’m with an IT services and business consulting firm and today I’m going to provide you with a review of the Lawson software about loss.

Lawson software is one of the leading enterprise resource planning software applications, it can help you improve the way you run your business by streamlining operational processes and presenting you with valuable decision-making data.

Lawson software is headquartered in St. Paul Minnesota, they were founded in 1970, the current CEO is Harry Deeb, the current co-chair is Richard Lawson who was the original founder. In 2008 they reported revenues of 850.1 million, they currently have approximately 3,700 employees worldwide and they operate out of three primary regions the US, Amia and APAC.

Lawson provides industry solutions, the software solutions which are designed specifically by industry to provide functionality that incorporates best practice from leading corporations. Some of the industries they serve include health care, fashion food and beverage, the equipment service management, rental manufacturing, distribution, transportation, public sector and services.

Lawson also has what we would call horizontal solutions, which support common processes across organizations and industries, including finance and accounting solutions, human resources and human capital management, procurement solutions, supply chain management, customer relationship management, business intelligence and reporting.

Lawson has two distinct product lines, each focused on supporting a subset of the total industries they serve. The first is the m3 product line, m3 stands for companies that make move or maintain processes, current version of the m3 software is version 71. The industry targets with the m3 solutions include manufacturing distribution and trade solutions, supply chain.

All of these solutions integrate with other common or horizontal solutions such as finance accounting crm and bi, another product line is the s3 product set. These solutions are for companies that typically staff source and serve.

So if you are considering a tier 1 or tier 2 solution, ERP solution, Lawson could be a good option for your company. If you need some recommendations on how to proceed, you can contact Lawson software directly by going to their website or contact an authorized reseller, systems integrator or a consulting company that works with Lawson software and products. Always make sure to compare loss and software against other solutions available in the marketplace from some of the leading competitors to make sure that you have the best fit in price point that meets your business needs.

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