The Solutions of Lawson Software Financial Management at Portal. Com

Description: This is  an introduction on the Lawson Software Financial Management Solutions and how to improve your financial performance using best-in-class technology.

I’m going to talk about Lawson software’s financial management solutions and how to improve your financial performance using best-in-class technology.

Now Lawson’s financial management solution offer a complete solution with best practice, mature capabilities and support for global operations and they provide a full lifecycle of support and capabilities from the budgeting process through forecasting and reporting.

I’m going to highlight some of the key capabilities and functionalities, if you take a look at some of the common problems faced by Finance organizations, you will hear the data is inaccurate and not complete, you’ll see finance organizations struggling with data redundancy and pulling data which are the same from different systems, they’ll have trouble with their reporting capabilities.

This can all trickle down and lead to increased time to close books on both a monthly quarterly and annual basis, you will frequently hear that there’s a lack of integration between the various financial management and accounting systems throughout the enterprise.

These are some of the topics and issues that we want to try to address through technology, so if you take a look at Lawson’s financial management solution, they offer streamlined activities and capabilities across the various applications, they provide functionality that helps to consolidate processes and procedures, you have advanced reporting capabilities available to you.

Integrated procedures across the various applications will lead to helping you save time by eliminating the need for manual processing and completing or having redundant activities that you typically have to address, as you go through the process of your financial management and financial control activities.

So when you take a look at the different financial management modules offered by Lawson software on the financial management side, you’ll see general ledger AR and AP current, fixed assets, tax management, multiple business unit capabilities and a report generator. On the controlling side, you’ll find applications for product costing, budgeting cost, accounting cash flow management and risk management.

For more information about Lawson software’s financial management solutions and how you can implement that implement them, feel free to go t website which is I hope you enjoy this short presentation for today and stay tuned for more, thank you.

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