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LG Tone Active Around The Neck Headphones Reviewed

Description: This passage is mainly about lg tone active. This passage is a review of LG tone active plus around-the-neck headphone. The writer shows us the layout and the function of it as well as the advantages and disadvantages of that.

Your next pair of earbuds are going to be an around-the-neck design, Dave Taylor is here, and this time I’m looking at the LG tone active plus, these are what they call around-the-neck earbuds, it’s an interesting design, because it takes all the Bluetooth circuitry and everything, and puts them into a unit that sits around your neck so that you don’t have the weight dragging on your ears, and you don’t have to clip anything to your clothes.

So you put it around your neck, and then you pull out the earbuds and put them in your ears, and you’re ready to roll, now turn out that, they have lots of controls on the sides, which some people might find a little bit weird, you give it a pull, and I go back in.

But it has lots of very cool features that LG has. We can look at this space, and it says that what we can do, that’s interesting and different, so these have a built-in Fitness monitor, they have dual microphones for phone calls, and that is a bit of a mixed, we’ll come back to that.

They are IP for water resistance, so there’s no dust resistance measurement at all, it’s a level four, which means if you get caught in the rain, you still want to get these covered up very quickly, they’re not going to last, and these are definitely not for swimming, do not try these for swimming, it will not end well.

They’re running Bluetooth 4.2, and they have a PT x and a PT x HD which is great, if you have an Android phone that includes aptX, iPhones are not part of that Club, unfortunately iPhones use AAC, and this is not an AAC friendly device, so you get regular audio quality as opposed to the greater sound of the apt X.

What’s interesting is that it also has these little external stereo speakers that you can switch on, it’s not a big fan of that but it makes for an interesting alternative, because you can do this, and you can have some music playing, while you’re gardening or something without having to have anything in your ears at all.

Now the reason of that is because it’s the next three or four generations into a boombox, and if I’m listening to music, unless it’s on my stereo, I don’t want everyone else to have to hear it, so you might find that your views are different, and you might find that interesting or enjoyable.

As for BluePoint Bluetooth 4.2, I have already mentioned that and it takes less than two hours to charge, it runs 13 hours’ talk 12 hours’ music and 17 days of standby, so certainly all the electrical characteristics are terrific, they come in black and gray, blue and black, this one is silver.

Let me give you a quick close-up, because there are a lot of controls, on one side you can turn on and off HD, I wouldn’t recommend turning it on unless you have an apt X HD compatible source for the Bluetooth audio.

Then it has volume up and down, it has pause and play, and then on the other side, you have the ability to engage the bluetooth pairing, and you can see there are a lot of things going on charges via microUSB.

There is not much else to tell you about them, I’m not a huge fan, in fact I don’t like the design overall, I don’t like the around-the-neck design, that is not my thing, and they definitely have the same issue that a lot of these devices have, which is that they’re treble heavy, so there are not a lot of soundstages.

It’s not similar to that you’re in the middle of the concert, it’s a very high sound not much bass not much lows going on, now it comes with a couple of different sizes earbuds, so you can monkey around a little bit and try to get a better fit, but that’s not going to take you from here to here.

So I guess it’s also an expectation if you’re going for a run and you want to have some ear buds, these are excellent choices especially with the fitness monitoring, and maybe at that point you’re not expecting it to sound fantastic enough to distract you, and these definitely are distracting.

I want to say that they’re definitely quite competent in that regard, before I tell you the price, if you can click on the subscribe button, I would love to be able to have a longer term relationship with you, which seems that I have a long term relationship with these LG tone active plus also known as the HBS a100.

In case that you’re not sure with the price, so these will run you the LG tone active plus with fitness monitor dual microphones, and everything will run you a hundred and twenty $9.99 at amazon.com.

Before that, let me say one more thing that I have mentioned earlier, if you’re using this for a phone call and you have your stuff, and the microphones are built into the base unit, you can imagine if it’s cold weather and you have more layers on, you can end up covering up the microphones.

So one of the complaints that people have about this particular unit is that when you’re using it for phone calls, you can end up sounding muffled, because people suddenly can’t hear you, now arguably that’s a problem with any microphone, that’s not like by your mouth.

But it’s worth noting here, this is a design as an around-the-neck design, which is susceptible for you to have something like this, and you can’t be able to hear quite so well, so that’s the LG tone active plus, this is Dave Taylor, and I will catch you in my next article.

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