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LG Tone Active HBS A80 versus LG Tone Active HBS 850

Description: This passage is mainly about lg tone active. This article is a comparison of the LG Tone Active HBS-850 versus the new 2016 LG Tone Active HBS-A80, which are Bluetooth sport wear headsets from LG.

Ladies and gentlemen, top looter is up here, today’s article is a quick comparison with these two Bluetooth headsets, and they’re so alike, I feel like it is for a person who does articles and Bluetooth headsets mostly, then I should go ahead and give my two quick opinions comparison to dress up these two headsets.

Let’s bring these over here, these are both the LG tone actives, as you can see there’s the original one that comes up the LG tone active HBS 850, this one comes out I think it is 2015, correct me if I’m wrong, and then this one comes out and round about August, I think it is 2016 the LG tone active.

There is another LG tone active that’s also out now, it has the same number set up, this one here is the HBS a84, it’s the latest one, and there’s also the a100 one, and you’ll know the difference of the other one, the other one has this part over here, it is a bit more wider and broader, and it has the speakers on the sides about three little slits, I could say on the side that has speakers.

Then you’ll know that those are the other ones that come out after this, but they both come up in 2016, okay so let’s go ahead and take a quick look, now first things are earbuds, as you can see the difference in them, they look about the same except the lining here, it is bit more wider and in a gunmetal grey versus the silver aluminum.

There’s a mosquito flying around here, it’s raining a lot, so you’re going to have a lot of mosquitoes, the overall design setup looks and feels the same, but when you get to know the later version, you’ll notice that it’s slightly a bit different.

As for the inside material, as you can see here is different versus the smooth surface on the original LG tone active, it feels about the same, this one has a bit more loose to feel it, but it feels about as durable as the original one, they both have the retractable buds when you pull them out all the way.

Then you give them a tug at the very end, they will go back in, I like to hold them and not let them launch back in, because sometimes they might get tangled up or get jammed inside, and then you will lose your whole retractable earbuds.

It’s the same thing over here, pull back once and they’re back, this one has a more tighter pull, but nothing much of a speed difference to say the least, the original LG active comes with these guards over here, they come with a longer piece that it comes with.

As you can see on the box, the box has the longer one, and I currently have the shorter one on, I feel that the longer one chokes my Adam’s apples sometimes, but now as for Bluetooth quality, I’m biting my words, this Bluetooth version is 4.1 and the same thing over here with this 4.1.

Now the biggest difference out of the two of them that I have in my hands now is the button to lay out, let’s look at the old one, the old one has a four track back track volume volume buttons and fourth back track buttons on one side, and then it has this over here, on the other side is the power button here, and it has the call and call play pause button.

So it’s like the features that are set up into crammed up into one button, which I don’t like, but I like the simple design layout, and I fall in love with the LG active for the first time, when I put them on, I like them a lot versus the other LG’s that I have.

So the biggest difference of the new one that comes out this year is the setup of the buttons, this time we have more buttons, so we have got the volume, each the up volume has its own button, individual button for the lower volume, we have got your call and then we have got a little port that pops up here and for your micro USB charging cable, the volume button over here is on the inside.

I honestly don’t like it when it’s on the inside, because a lot of things could get in, especially the sweat, they might get in, so who knows what’s going to happen, but the power button has its own button unlike the play and pause everything in one on the original one, and then on the other side, we have got your play and pause and forward backtrack button.

I haven’t seen anything on the box that says equalizer, maybe I might have missed it, this is for the new one, we have got your aptX LG tone talk, I guess that’s the the app that you download, it’s the biggest difference, I honestly don’t understand the IP x is water resistance, we have got three on this one, while this one has a five rated against sweat and rain, so it looks like what has been improved.

They’re saying rain versus water and sweat, so now they want to be specific about the improvement, it’s only in the rain such as water dropping but not dip the whole in a bucket of water, let’s not go to do anything crazy.

As for multi connection pair up to two devices, we haven’t tried them yet, the older one over here doesn’t say anything, it has multi connection pair up to two devices Auto reconnect, that’s what we all love, we turn on our Bluetooth on our phone, and we turn on our headset and it connects one time instead of going through the whole process over and over, which gets annoying.

It doesn’t do that which is true, I have done it for the boat, turn it on and they both connect, it is late operating range 33 versus 133 feet, it’s the same thing but I want to point out that the older LG active seems to disconnect, it’s not as strong as the new one, it’s not strong, I will let you know about that now.

Maybe I might have gotten a bad LG active the original one, maybe I don’t, but the supported files are the same things over here, we can see those, they are same things, so as what I have said, they are almost the same thing, the new one has more buttons for other functions, and the sweat resistance rating is IP x5 versus the original one which is x3.

So if you can get this one here for less than 100 bucks, go for it, because I have said on my full review on this, I have got it for $70 flat, it is a bid on eBay brand new, the person wants to get rid of the second one, and luckily for me, I win the bit flat $70 free shipping, so it is a very great deal.

It’s great to buy a brand-new one but anything more than 100, I would say no, because you can get these new ones for less than 60 these days, and they operate about the same, and especially if you’re not a person who wants many buttons, then definitely go for the older one.

But if you want to keep up to date with the new ones, then go ahead, but like what I have said, there’s not much of a difference between them in jail, so if this article is helpful in any of the two, because I don’t write down these things, I do the articles out of my head.

But there is a size difference, the original one is smaller in terms of height, if you put it up to stand up, you can see all that difference there, so if I ever mess about anything, let me know or ask any questions at a comment section.

I will do my best use my knowledge that I have to answer your question, thanks for reading, and as always if this article is helpful, I’m going to leave a like, share and subscribe. I’ll see you in the next Bluetooth article.

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