little tikes activity garden

Little Tikes Sunlight Safari Activity Garden Lights and Go Treehouse

Description: This website is mainly about little tikes activity garden. In this passage, the writer shows us little tikes sunlight safari activity garden, which is exciting for kids and makes parents happy as it teaches kids many skills.

This is your Little Tikes Sunlight and Go Treehouse, it has many colors and the animals, this is a giraffe, with all these colorful features, it sells its use because it has this very thick plastic not one of those rated them.

It comes with this small four different color balls and these different slides, it also comes with this disco ball, with all these nice little eyes, with different colors, it has a button here to switch it off to make it louder.

It has different colors flies, click one of them, it changes color, and also there are a few other versions, this one has different songs, so far I have found that it has two different ones, it’s a very good name for songs.

You can click and it gives you light and this bell sound, there’s a door, once you open it, it gives you this blonde, I like it, it feels like a disco, you can open it and change into different shapes for children to explore.

It has a small clock, it gives you the sound as you rotate this, I think it’s very good for children to learn all about shapes and colors, it’s the postbox, there’s another slide where it goes from giraffe to disclose box, and you can open it, and this monkey is an attention here.

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