An Overview of Livio Connect API Developer Portal at Portal Dominicane

Description: The following article will show us some information about a new and improved livio connect API developer portal.

w you around our new and improved developer portal. Once you log in at developer live connect. com, you’ll get this quick message from our CEO, then you can come here and check out the docs, you’re going to get started.

In this section, you’re going to fill out this form and send it to us, and we will respond back to you with your unique identifier that you will need to put into your coat.

Once you get that identifier, you can come here to the resources, download the bundles for Android or iOS. You can download the full bundle here, or if you want bits and pieces of it, you can come into these different tabs to download them individually. So once you get the resources, you can come back here into Doc’s, you can read about the basics of live connect.

This is a very top level overview of how a live connect works, regardless of your platform. Once you’re ready to dive in, we have these separate sections for Android and iOS with very detailed information, so we’ll go into Android. You can see we have three subsections here, Android basics will tell you exactly what you need to do, step-by-step instructions of getting live connect into your app.

There are also a few different classes you’re going to set up, but we’ve done a lot of work for you. We’ve written most of this code, you copy and paste it into your app, set your app key here, set up some images and stuff like that. We also have this Live tools section, where we tell you about our emulator primer app and music player.

Basically the emulator app is a tablet application that can be installed on your tablet device, which you already have. And we will show you how to install it, what you’ll need to do to get it work, and even how you connect to your phone and what it will look like.

Once you get connected, the primer app and the music player are a couple of sample apps that we’ve written for you, so you can read through what a connected app will look like.

And finally down here, we have these code examples, where we go into detail, how you will do all of the interaction with live connect. So we’ve written a lot of codes for you, you can copy and paste it into your project and set it how you would like. We have the same type of setup over here for iOS integrating live connect, we have some tools and we have some code examples here.

So hopefully, this is all straightforward. But if you have any trouble come over here to the forum, ask us a question and we will answer it as soon as we possibly can. Thanks.

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