Livio Keys Demo of A Marketplace for Autos and Apps at Portal Dominicane

Description: The article shows us the information about Livio Keys Demo which is a new website tool called Libby okies and some details about livio portal dominicana completa.

This is Scott. Today I’m going to show you something about Libby okies, what we see here is that we have a phone pair to a car, in this case our emulator and we have a website as our tool Livio Keys allows you to create different deals that can unlock features for different applications. What we see here is the livio music player deal presented here and it’s not accepted.

This is a user connecting the phone to their car and they have the free version, I’m going to go ahead and try to play a song. It requires pro, so let’s use our tool to unlock that feature for the user without any code changes. We go over here to our tool act as an oem would and accept the deal.

Now in the car, my application has been unlocked for the pro version. If we try to play a song, we can. So all we did was to make a simple web request to our back-end server from the app, and that allowed us to unlock features in a vehicle again.

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