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Description: This article is mainly about loanme login, explaining the advantages of becoming your own bank. In this way, you can learn the basics of private money lending. The author also calls on you to join them.

I have a question for you. Do you have any IRAs, 401K or investment capital that is not earning you 12% predictably in safer? You’re able to answer yes honestly. If you want to learn more, this passage is for you. If not, don’t waste your time. If you think somebody could be benefited from this, feel free to share the link with them. You might want to stick around for that.

Let me tell you something about me. I’m a real estate investor. I buy and fix single-family homes here in Phoenix Arizona. At times, I borrow funds from private individuals like yourself to buy it fix and flip this homes. I paid twelve percent return for the money that I borrow.

I’m going to explain to you what Private Mortgage Lending is, what it is for you and how you can benefit. Let me ask you this. Do you know how your bank makes the money? The way they make the money is on the CDs savings and other investment alternatives which is you. They loan the money out on a higher rate of interest to people like me and we buy the houses.

What I’m doing is simple. I’m cutting out the middleman. I’m going to tell you how the private lender program works. We buy and sell houses. To buy houses, we prefer private individuals to fund the investments. We pay 12% interest or 20% of the project to use your money. It is very simple.

Here is how it works. We locate their property which we want to buy. You borrow the funds from purchase the property. We have formal closing and you get a mortgage of the home with all their documents. The availability to key of cash allows us to buy at a deeper discount. Let me show you a little diagram.

Private lender comes in. We give them secure documentation of the investment. We purchase the property. We do the renovation. We resell the property. We share the profit. It will be twelve or twenty percent. We rinse and repeat. That’s how simple it is.

How do we get paid? We’ll make the payments in two different forms and you can choose either. First, we can make a quarterly payments of the twelve percent simple interest. Second, the interest accrues until the house is sold. Think about it. Which one do you like? I have a guarantee.

The guarantee is that we won’t lower your rate as long as the money’s invested on a property. The 12% interest is the least you can make. We don’t have a penalty for you. You’re going to withdraw from a CD and get a low return. Even if you take it out, you’re still gonna make more money with us after the penalty.

There’s no withdrawal penalty from us if you decide. You need to take the money which need a few days to transfer. They launched somebody else and then you’re beyond wait. This is a diversification strategy. Let me give you a sample.

If you lend out $250,000 at 12% interest, in every corner you get $7,500 which is $30,000 a year. If you have that money in a CD, it’s paying you less than 1% and going to make less than $2,000 per year. That’s a difference of 28,000. I don’t have to sell you on this because we’re going to have a luxury.

I’ll choose few individuals who understand the program and want to invest in an alternative investment. I’m going to be more secure and more predictable safer. It’s going to be a win-win situation for everybody.

I will give you the example here. After we buy houses below market value, we usually need to renovate. We know where to look. We know what to buy. We know how to renovate. We create value by taking ugly homes that are eyesores and put in back after they are remodeled and the renovation back in the market.

We bring the values of properties in a real estate up. That’s how we can do it. The documents that you get now is about how we get the properties. They are what you’re asking. We will give you a promissory note and a deed of trust. We do Hazar insurance policy of the property. We do the appraisal. We do the inspection. We leave nothing.

The lender has no expand with all of these. There’s no expand to you. I will give you additional security. Your biggest concern is to protect the principle. Our first rule is that the money borrow can not be higher than seventy percent. It’s been renovated. If you don’t know what that means, I’m going to tell you what that is.

There’s always plenty of equity above your loan. If there is a property out there, there is $200,000 after repairing. The loan would never be more than $140,000. If you start with equity position, the best part is that you can use your IRA money.

You can use your retirement plan. You can make those returns tax and deferred tax free. It’s simple. That’s how it works and that’s what we like to do be able to share the profits. Who do we buy the houses from? We’ll buy it from banks. We buy it from private individuals. We buy it from Realtors that brings us deals. We buy it from HUD.

There’re different people that we have. I want to go to jump off the screen. I’m going to get off the slide and I’m going to show you my mailbox. You can see their deals. Today I’m logging into my mailbox and I’m going to go ahead and show you new deals.

Don’t let this scare you. These are better homes because nobody will touch them and get them a deep discount. Look at that. That’s the simplest part getting the deals. Making sure that you know the numbers align when you look at that.

I’m going to jump back in the presentation. You need to understand the important part. Home-owners and those first-time buyers use our special programs. They’re willing to go the extra mile and move up buyers. Because we also have real estate licenses, we understand both sides of the aisle.

We have a critical advantage when it comes to real estate. First of all, this question was brought up to me. It’s a valid point. What will happen to the person who is running the company if I die? The person who is running the company well will sell the property and pay you off. Because you put your loan secured by the property not by me, the property will be sold and your principle and interest will be paid as we had originally agreed.

We already cover the private lender program. I’m going to tell you a little bit about the company the overview of the history in Huia. We consider ourselves on dream team because we are always dreamy. We’re making dreams come true. That’s fun.

We start back in seven companies. We become serious investors and we are much in the Phoenix area. The goal of the company is to provide affordable housing to first-time homeowners and move up homeowners. In the time, the scope that we encompass is Maricopa County in the surrounding areas. Because our bread and butter as first-time homeowners, they outgrow at three to five years.

The company is private for-profit. In the real estate aspect, we raise money, we acquire properties, we rehab those properties, we market those properties, we sell them and we share the profit with our private lenders. Then you can understand the integrity.

That’s one of the key things about us that has a lot of meaning with chosen. It is the way we want to treat our customers, buyers, sellers and suppliers. That comes in touch with the actual company so the competitive advantages that we have is the speed of property, the availability of the couch, the knowledge and the creative realistic techniques that we provide.

Because we have so many strategies that are able to use in a real estate, that allows us to be creative. We legally are set with the SEC to raise private money up to ten million dollars. What we do is that we do short term fix and flip properties. We wholesale properties as well.

A lot of people want to know how to find us. You can go to You can do anything in social media. You can email us. If you have any questions, you can see your site. There’s a special report we provide. There’ll be a link below. There’ll be all kinds of information.

You are able to see your website in YouTube. You are able to see some of the case studies of how we acquire renovation. You can see that there’s the real deal. This is one of the houses of purchased. The critical success factors that make our company unique is not only the integrity that we talked about, the systems that we have in place, the speed, technology and knowledge but also the teamwork that drives the focus in the hardware.

We have a shared vision that we’re small in numbers but we will be great on thinking and everything that we want achieve together with everybody. What is the next step? How does the program work? Who are we? How can we earn twelve percent or more?

You don’t need to wait. You have three options. We hope that you decide to join our team. If this is not for you, you need to do nothing. I would ask you if you think of anybody could benefit from what you saw. They want to earn higher returns. We have a referral fee.

The second option is that we set up a one-on-one meeting. Before this case, you don’t leave because you’re on the Internet. You can contact us via the comments or email or calling.

Please fill out the interest form that you’ll see along below. We’ll get in touch with you and let you know what deal would make sense and what a month money you’re willing to invest. The form is simple. You don’t need to sell yourself or hit the button below.

Once we have the investors, they have the same mission. Don’t be left out of this great opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you. Share this information comment below. Let us know and we are ready to start. I hope that you can have an excellent day and take care.

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