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Walmart Magic Tracks Crash Review

Description: The main idea of the following article plans to focus on the topic of magic tracks walmart. The content is about the review of Magic Tracks crash. We will be shown the ways on how to install the tracks to put them together and how to play with it.

Welcome back, I’m Rachel, I’m Kathy and we have a toy today, it’s base, the magic trucks crashed last year, they cut out the magic tracks, it came with one car, this comes with two and it will research on these today, so the magic tracks, the one that was out last year, it’s still all the marks.

You still get at Walmart, remember it’s 1999, this one, the crash is $29.99, the difference between the two is that it’s weird because the other one was out last year, it has 220 pieces of the track and this one has 200 pieces, so this one’s a little smaller, but this has the two cars.

Let’s see this also has the brick wall crash and this stone crash wall and then the track to do like they extracted by God, so I was reading on Amazon, it’s interesting the other one the magic tracks be careful, when you order some of this stuff, because someone ordered it several people come in and said it was a fake, they had bought one at Walmart and they wanted to get another one and it was the fake, it wasn’t the same.

The car was smaller, the track was smaller, it wasn’t the same, what had they advertised? So I would be aware of that, maybe you’re better off buying in a store or not, I’m flying, so you see what I’m getting, but I guess Amazon is great about returns, it’s the same price.

Some frequently asked questions of how this was interesting that the Duracell quantum batteries apparently they won’t turn on a fuse though they don’t work and one of the Amazon reviews said that it didn’t work with any Duracell batteries which one should buy, there are cell batteries, so we’ll see if it’s true, they also have the magic rescue which you get a higher rung and if they score and that one is $29.99.

Then they also have the magic, I can’t wait, that’s what you can see, they’re flexible, they snap and then I was thinking it’s cool that it’s flexible stickers, here are some quick tips, tracks can be set up any way, you want to check out some other cool ways in this guide that comes aside to start your car.

Be sure batteries are installed properly, then press the button on top, expose your track to light before using for the best low and the dark action, they don’t love them, don’t forget to use the included sticker sheet to make each car, you can order extra track, so you would get the same piece here for $12.99, you can build a roller coaster putting books and stuff under it, place the IKEA battery Duracell, you’re going to try them.

I’m going to try to do that, what happens if they’re right or wrong, I can’t wait, so I think you split at the top and then that’s stock and start there somewhere all right, you could do with this someone commented that it does not work after seeing this, I believe it won’t work either, like a hamster wheel, it can roll it up, it’s not a perfect hole, that’s something I think they should have done.

There is something to store it in, I think if you order a seen on TV, the original one does come with the carrying, so that is nice and if you can add to these from the website, you can order more track like additional two cars, we’re going to have to test this and see if it glows in the door, I will test this in my garage at home and see, because that was the big complaint.

Most people say it doesn’t glow unless you have a black light, then I give it a thumbs up, I think I’d make a great gift, see if my my son’s planning to love it, which means that my son will want one together, you said the car seemed cheap, it doesn’t seem that they don’t have as much experience with cars, toy cars as we do, this is the crash version.

So I’ll put links to other versions of it below, because there’s also a mega set that you get extra stuff with it, so that might be worth an extra $10, so stay tuned to the end to see if it glows in the dark, thanks for your time.

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