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Magnus Chase and The Ship of The Dead

Description: The following passage is mainly designed to talk about the famous book of magnus chase. The content will focus on magnus chase and The Ship of The Dead. The writer is going to be sharing his thoughts, opinions and feels on WAPA madness chasing the gods of asgaard book 3, we can learn ten things related to the book.

Today I’m going to be sharing my thoughts, opinions and feels on WAPA madness chasing the gods of asgaard book 3, the ship of the Dead aka the neverending book title, this video contains pay promotion with Disney Hyperion, but know that all my thoughts, opinions and fuels are my own, this is the booksplosion book of the month.

We will be having our live show discussion on December 2nd at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, so if you have not picked up this book yet, pick it up and then join us for the live show discussion, this is the third and final book in this trilogy.

This is arguably, my favorite series slash trilogy to come from Rick Riordan, I love the Percy Jackson series, but there’s something so special about this series for me, this is the first trilogy by Rick Riordan that completely sucked me in while I do consider this to currently be my favorite trilogy by Rick Riordan.

This was definitely not my favorite of the three bollocks, in fact, I did find myself a little bit underwhelmed by this finale, there were definitely the things throughout the book that I completely loved, but I think the conclusion overall I was expecting a lot more, I think my favorite out of the trilogy is the first book and then under that is the second book and then comes the finale for me.

I was expecting to be knocked off my feet with this finale, but it didn’t blow me away the first two books, did it still have that rick riordan charm though, don’t get me wrong, I still loved the humor, I loved the action, I loved the formation of relationships especially the ones that we’ve been waiting three books to happen.

Something that this one did, that I loved is that it explored characters that it hasn’t in the past two books, it was nice getting more from these characters that we hadn’t gotten much from in the past, this one was similar to the second book in which there are all these little things happening all these kind of little side and subplots happening.

Then it leads up to the final battle and I liked all the side things happening more, so than I liked the final showdown, all in all, I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars even though this is a finale, I don’t think we have done with these characters.

I don’t know what Rick Riordan has in store. But it does not feel like we have done with this crew, so that’s all spoilery thoughts that I can share, I’m not going to be jumping into a little spoilery section, so if you have not read this book, then read this book and then come back and discuss with me.

So unfortunately, I did not take many notes on this book, but I have curated a list of ten things that I want to talk about, so we’re going to go down that list and talk about those ten things.

The first one, I have a new ship, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the most unexpected ship of all time, Jack and Riptide, this was honestly such a short little bit in the book, but I caught me so off guard and I’m still Heike laughing about it.

Second, I did not want Percy to leave this book like why couldn’t Percy and Annabeth, stayed in this book and be a part of the whole journey, I came to this book which is not about them, but they could still have been a part of the book in the background doing their own little thing every now and then.

I would have been fine with that, the training scene with Percy and Magnus was fantastic and it was nice to be able to check in with Percy and Annabeth and see how they’re doing, but it wasn’t enough, I needed more.

The third one, Magnus and Alex, it’s about time it finally happened. I feel like Magnus was so much more aware of Alex in this book, he was more in tune to Alex being around him and like noticing things about Alex and I liked how their relationship wasn’t rushed at all.

I mean it took us three books to get to this point when they both started to realize that they have feelings for each other, they didn’t rush into the relationship, they didn’t jump in and hope for the best, they were very upfront about the fact that they wanted to take things slow and I appreciated that slowness when it came to the relationship.

Because a lot of times and why a book specifically people rush into relationships and I’m personally a fan of people taking their time with relationships.

Number four, Sam is participating in Ramadan, this was something that I liked in this book, I like the fact that Rick exposed something that I’m not necessarily aware of, I’ve always heard about Ramadan, but I never understood it and I feel like Rick brought in the topic of Ramadan and helps people learn about it.

I wasn’t the only one learning about it, we had our characters in the story who are also learning about the whole process.

Number five, I like seeing more of Malorie and half born like I said in my review portion of the video, it was nice to learn more about characters that we don’t know that much about and I like learning more about these characters specifically Malorie, we learned that Mallory’s mother is big, the North’s conscious.

Number six, this one’s random, but it can’t be with the fact that the ship is called the big banana and I couldn’t think of Miss Poland bananas books herself like she might as well be the captain of this boat.

Number seven, it was nice that we got closure on hearthstone’s dad situation that was something that I was hoping that we would get, but I wasn’t sure if Rick was going to explore that anymore and it was nice that we got closure with that whole dad dragon situation.

Number eight, can we talk about the fact that Magnus talking to animals? It didn’t become a bigger part of the plot, I’m going to have maggots be able to talk to animals, but I’m not going to explore it any further, you can’t do that and not expand on it, Rick, this is why I feel like it. We’re going to get more from these characters, because there’s more to explore here.

Number nine, the insult battle between Magnus and Loki, I’m not going to lie. I was a little bit disappointed with the final showdown, I guess it’s because I wanted full-on action and not an insult battle, but when you think about it, it is teaching an important lesson, how words have power and we should use them carefully.

But still I wanted a little bit more action and finally the last thing that I wanted to mention is that ending Magnus calls Annabeth and she’s crying on the phone, why is Annabeth crying? What’s going on here? You can’t leave us hanging like that, you can do that, because you do it time and time again, so those are all the things that I had to share on the ship of the Dead.

I’m sorry that I didn’t take notes, I was reading out of it and I couldn’t be bothered by taking notes, but you should let me know down below in the comments about what your favorite moment was throughout the ship of the Dead, I’d love to hear from you, also let me know down below now that you’ve read this whole trilogy which one you would say is your favorite.

I think my favorite is definitely book 1, the sword of the summer, so let me know what your favorite is down below, if you like this video, be sure to give it a big thumbs up, I post videos frequently on this channel, so if you want to be notified as to what I post new videos.

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