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Martin County High School On the Prowl Focus

Description: The following material mainly concentrates on showing us some periods of people’s life statements which are related to the key point of martin county focus. We can see the things happening in Martin County High School that is like the reported news shown on the prowl.

Today is Wednesday, October 7th and welcome to today’s on the prowl, I’m Smith, a singer, I’m Jake or zansky and I’m a jealous tergite the annual pumpkin patches around again and twin days tomorrow all this and more on today’s on the prowl, it’s that time of the year again, the pumpkin patch is open.

I’m Shelby trembly reporting for on the prowl, I’m here at first united methodist church of store, as they prepare for their 23rd annual pumpkin patch as many volunteers arrived at the patch, they prepare to unload the first shipment of the season rohnert avanzo.

A freshman at Southfork talks about the benefits he gets from working at the patch, we receive credits, so we can go on trips and help people around the world, a formative symbolizes link to what she enjoys about the pate.

I like being with all my friends and seeing all the happy people that come by pumpkins, that’s an ongoing tradition for the church and Mikayla tinny the youth director of the church talks about what the funds from the patch movie use for funds for the pumpkin patch are so that our students can go to Nicaraguan hapa nicaragua in 2016.

What we’ll be doing is that there is ministering to the underprivileged children that are very poor and their families are not necessarily home to take care of them, so we’ll do certain things like baseball camps to allow them the opportunity to get that energy out.

The patch is open from am 28 p.m. every day, this has been Shelby trembly reporting for on the prowl back to the news desk, don’t forget to get your pumpkins on October 20th, drama will be showing the classic 1931 film Frankenstein in our auditorium.

The movie will start at seven p.m., tickets are six dollars and popcorn will be sold for one, if you come in costume, you get a prize, help support drama and enjoy the classic horror film drama is also hosting his first trunk-or-treat fun in order to participate, you have to decorate your car and bring candy to hand out to children.

You’ll be able to park your car from 6pm to 6 30, kids will then come and trunk or treat until 7pm the cost of pre-register is ten dollars per family or fifteen dollars that night the movie, it’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown will also be shown at the end of the night.

The whole gang parade is almost here, the parade will be tomorrow at six thirty reps need to be present with some words at six. If you’re walking with a flow free there at five-thirty, don’t be late Tigers homecoming is quickly approaching.

The woman has won it if reporting for on the prowl and this week students are getting hyped up for homecoming, this year’s homecoming dance theme is New York and the parade theme is Tigers in the movies, many students here at Martin County are ecstatic about the homecoming dance game parade.

I’ve never been to homecoming and I get to be with all my friends and dress up and dance, have fun on the take home, we have the game and then you have the dads and this team is New York, it’s a great time and I’m from New York, so we should be a lot of fun.

I’m excited, because this year it should be fun, I’m hoping a lot of people go, but I heard that it’s going to hike and going to be like a blast and I’m looking forward to going, I’m excited, this is my first year going to homecoming and I’m very excited to have appalled with purely.

I’m excited to go to the homecoming game, I’m pumped for homecoming, it’s going to be so exciting, I’m excited, I’m coming, because I can see all my friends, I can’t wake in my dance on and so excited, I get pumped up fun, I spent six years in high school and not one time did I go to home and I’ve regretted every day.

Since then, don’t miss out on these special events and show your tiger pride, this is going to be the best day, this is ben sky Winnick reporting for on the prowl back to the news desk have fun at homecoming Tigers, the homecoming pep rally is this Friday Tigers, the second pep rally of the year is here.

We need to go all out, Tigers, don’t forget all classes will be shortened king and queen voting will take place this week, this Thursday and Friday during all lunches voting for queen and king will be available, make sure to have your student ID, yesterday wars day, let’s take a look, Thanks universal, we’re going to go some spider-man.

I want to go to be wanting to see spider me, so confused, thanks a lot, look at the rare treat cool, good job, County, don’t forget tomorrow’s one day and Fridays spirit day, dress up Tigers, early release is today all classes excluding six-block are shortened for early release, get your rides in order picture retakes are quickly approaching.

Next Tuesday, students will be able to retake their pictures, you can go at any time between 730am and 3 30 p.m. to the second floor of the gym to have your pictures retaken smile big Tigers, so there’s a big game this week, we have our homecoming game and is here against Port st. Lucie at seven, so be there and not only did our football team two-story South Fork, but our boys golf team did to the Rinaldi brothers Mohan Kerrigan Brandon peel Dalton burner and Ryan market made up the winning team.

They also beat linkin park alongside the girls team for three, the boys are now 71 and the girls are 61, today is the last day for girls soccer, if you are interested in playing for the girls soccer team, then today is your last chance, they will be held on the track right after school.

The JV football team has been rescheduled, the JV football game will now be played tonight instead of tomorrow, the homecoming football game is almost here, we will be playing against Port st. Lucie here at home, the king and queen will also be crowned at the game.

The game starts at 7pm, before we go, I would like to say a big happy birthday to Samantha singer who turned 18 today on patriotic day sore celebrating America and her birthday, that’s all we have for you today, Marin County, I’m fanta singer, I’m je cours in ski and I’m at ellicsr, see you next time on the prowl.

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