A Portal about The New My MCPS Classroom Com

Description: The article below is chiefly talking about the useful information about the new MCPS portal for parents, students and staff which might give help at any time people need.

Welcome to the MCPS spotlight, we’re at the Center for technology innovation where hundreds of MCPS teachers have been receiving training, my MCPS portal Jill Smith who is the director of learning management systems is here to tell us more about this new portal.

We’re here to talk about the new MCPS portal for parents, students and staff, what is my MCPS, how is this portal beneficial for our parents and students, tell us about some of the features.

Parent and student portal is a vehicle for us to enhance the communication between our parents and community the students and the teachers to open up the classroom and extend the laws of the classroom into the home, so give us some examples of how we’re extending the walls of the classroom, what are some of the features of this new portal and why will parents and students find this so useful.

I think the most beneficial is giving the parents the ability to monitor their students academic progress, so parents will have the ability to see their students grades straight from the teachers grade books and be able to monitor how they’re doing from the assignment level and how that aggregate grade is being displayed.

Why do we want students to take advantage of this portal? We want our students to monitor their own learning and be involved in their academic progress, so that’s an important component and beyond monitoring grades.

What are some of the other features of my MCPS? We also show the students attendance, so a lot of times, parents might have a question, my student was marked absent, what would you say was the overall mission, my MCPS portal, we wanted to make it easy, we wanted to put the information at the parents fingertips.

One of the things that a lot of parents said was that they want to be able to quickly get onto the portal and see the most important things, a lot of times is the grades right there on the front screen and then they can choose to drill deeper.

If they want to see more information and how are we encouraging MCPS staff to utilize this portal, what’s the benefit for them, can you tell us some of that as a staff member, they can post assignments, they can have discussions, there’s an ability to send an announcement to students and to parents.

Extending that communication beyond the wall in the classroom and providing electronic communication both to students and to their parents, so what level does it start with the secondary and then to elementary tell us a bit about how this is going to be rolled out to families.

Because II D line was rolled out to secondary, we’ve started there as a replacement and so all the secondary parents have received letters in the mail to the students primary address inviting them to create an account on the parent portal for Elementary’s that roll out will start on in October for a large portion of our elementary schools.

Some elementary schools will choose to implement this tool later in the school year, there is a mobile application, because there is an interest from our stakeholders in being able to access their students academic progress from a mobile device and so we’ve partnered with a provider to have a mobile device that not only shows the students academic and attendance information, but it brings in some of the social media pieces, so the MCPS Facebook page is dominantly displayed and their Twitter accounts, so the parents can stay up to date on things that are happening within their school and MCPS.

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