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IPhone Tip How To Block Unwanted Calls Texts iMessages and FaceTime Calls Message Blocking Is Active

Description: This passage below is mainly designed to talk about that message blocking is active, offering you quick tips on how to block unwanted calls, texts, iMessages, and FaceTime calls. It is an useful guidance for you.

Today I will offer an iPhone tip for you. I’m going to show you how to block numbers. This could be a phone number someone use that to call you or even send you text. With this method, you can block that person. This can be ready to FaceTime and iMessage.

Blocking contacts and phone numbers on your iPhone is a simple thing to do. It’s not too hard to find. However, a lot of people may won’t know about this because it is a new feature in iOS 7. If you want to block a phone number, it is easy. All you need to do is to go to phone. Then go to your contacts. Select the person we want to block.

For example, I’m going to block Joe Blogs. This will be quite good if you are harassed by someone or companies. It will keep your phone clean and this is going to be handy. It doesn’t only block calls but also block texts. Set the contact we want to block.

Scroll down to the bottom. Here is the button says that block this contact. After clicking that, you will get a message says you will not receive phone calls, messages and FaceTime from the person on your block list. Hit block and that person is blocked.

If you do want to unblock the contacts, you can do it from this screen or you can go to the settings. Go to the settings and scroll down to the phone. Go to blocked and we can see all the numbers we have blocked on this phone. Here we got Joe Blogs’ mobile number, iPhone number and email address which is connected to iMessage and FaceTime.

It’s worth knowing. I don’t believe you’ll block any emails from this email address. It’ll be FaceTime and iMessage. We can unblock this person and block these phone numbers simply like this. We can block certain ones if we want to. The numbers have been blocked.

That’s how you block numbers and contacts on the iPhone. It’s an useful new feature in iOS 7. If you enjoy this passage and find it useful, subscribe for more iPhone tips. I’ll see you next time. Goodbye.

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