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Free Phone Service Metro Pcs Activation 100% Free Never Pay Another Bill

Description: This passage is mainly about metropcs activation. In this passage, the writer shows us how to get free service from MetroPCS, which allows us to activate and turn our service on for free.

This is Erin coming in YouTube today, today I’m going to show you the free phone service metro system that allows you to activate and turn your service on for free. Step one before you activate or charge an established service for that, you’re going to need an app downloaded to your phone of the Google Play Store.

So you’re going to have to use Wi-Fi in order to later on you’re going to download the app, hold groove IP or phone for Google, you’re going to download that app onto your phone, you’re going to set up a free Google Voice, it’s a hundred percent for you to set that up, once you set that up, you’re going to sign in with groove IP or phone for Google into.

Your Google Voice account already has its own number, it gives you a free number when you set up the Google Voice app, now once you have that already downloaded in your phone, you’re going to download one more app, and you’re going to download another web browser, you’re going to download something such as Firefox and Chrome.

You’re going to download dolphin or any browser other than the Android browser that comes with that. Then what you’re going to do is that you’re going to shut the Wi-Fi walk, you’re going to start on your phone that remember this works with every Android phone and iPhone, that’s only activated, and it’s not being held on to another.

You’re going to start situating it, you’re going to follow the instructions, remember one thing that it’s going to be a new account, and then there’s a new name, it can be any name, you can make up a name if you want, you give an account mailing address, it doesn’t have to be yours, but you want to make sure that the address that you’re speaking into the recording is correct.

I don’t care if they tell you to repeat it, once that’s accomplished, they’re going to give you your own number for that phone, now it is an activity to get the services at all, they’re going to ask you what you want for $40 or $50 or whatever that you would want for that particular phone, you’re going to agree to it.

Then they’re going to ask you the last question about which you want to pay over the phone or on the internet or other locations, you’re going to choose at a store location, once you do that, they’re going to give you different store locations, and then press OK, you’re going to go up with that.

Now here comes a tricky poem, you’re going to need to get into the NAMM setting, and you’re going to change one thing, you’re going to change the old telephone number to the new telephone over there, let your PC be provided for you, once you do that, it’s going to reset it, the phone is going to shut off and turn back on.

Remember that the Wi-Fi has to be off at all time, you can’t have Wi-Fi on, that has to be shut off, once it’s as long as it’s shut off, you’re going to notice in the top of where it says 3G 4G video, whatever type of phone you have from MetroPCS or not unlocked phone, it’s going to add it there, and you’re going to currently have 4G service.

Now you can’t use the dial pal, that’s provided by the phone, that’s where the groove IP app that you download it, or the foam or Google app that you have downloaded, that’s where that comes into play, now you’re going to hit the groove IP, you’re going to sign in to your Google Voice account.

You’re going to use a ver telephone paired to dial in your numbers, and you’re going to be able to make unlimited free pulls out and unlimited free tools in. Another thing is that you’re not going to use the Android web browser that originally comes with the phone, you’re going to use the one that you have downloaded by dolphin or Firefox at home.

Whichever web browser that you use, you put it down, and you’re going to open it up at that particular time, remember the phone that originally comes with the dial pal does not work, the groove IP will work, and the the web browser is going to be the web browsing down whether it be valid or not.

Pick one from the Android home, and now you want to do this prior to trying to activate the phone itself, because once you activate the phone, you can go onto Wi-Fi, because they’re going to want you to finish paying that $50 off, but you’re going to notice that you have a few sins.

The good part about this is that even if they shut you off, you can always call them back and cancel the account, let’s tie it into that phone, and redo the process all over again, and we are working two other times, that’s how you get free service from MetroPCS, thank you, this is Erin again, and wait for my next article, hope you enjoy this.

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