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How to Unlock Any Iphone for Free on MetroPCS Activation

Description: This passage is mainly about metropcs activation. In this passage, the writer explains to us the process of unlocking the iPhone through metro PCS, which is for the phone that has to be active for 90 days or more.

Welcome everyone to YouTube, in this article, I want to explain to you the process of unlocking the iPhone through metro PCS, so once you buy iPhone from MetroPCS, and then in the future you decide to go for a different carrier, it will be the steps to have your phone unlocked by the carrier, so without any further ado, let’s find out.

Now before we hit to the iPhone until you exactly know the process to have the phone unlocked, and let me tell you something, now if you have an Android device such as this phone, we have the LG k20 for instance, if that phone actives for 90 days or more, you will be eligible to have the phone unlocked.

You have to go to MetroPCS, and then in that folder, you will be able to see application pre-installed in the form, which is called device unlock, hit this one, and then it should have the phone unlocked.

Since that iPhone doesn’t have the application device unlock, and this is an iOS system, it’s not an Android, the whole process is different, metro PCS makes it to be easier for those people who are the owners of iPhone to have their phone unlocked terms and condition, and MetroPCS to have the phone unlocked.

The phone has to be active for 90 days or more, so once your phone is active for 90 days, the phone automatically unlocks, so you will be able to have a different SIM card, put it in the phone, and the phone should start, read the other carrier, it has to be compatible with the GSM network, because metro PCS phones are GSM.

So for that regard, I have a SIM card, I’m going to put it in the iPhone from Metro PCS, this is the metro PCS variant, this phone is over 90 days, so we’re going to go ahead, put that SIM card and see what is going to be show us.

We’re going to take this metro PCS SIM card out of the phone, they have the same eject tool, so now usually if that phone is not going to be unlocked, they will tell you that you have to connect to the carrier, or you have to unlock the phone, in the activation process field it’s not going to go through.

But if you have the phone unlocked, you should be able to put a different SIM card, and it should start reading the the whole network, so your phone should be fine, and your phone should read the network, so what I’m going to do is to go ahead and do Verizon’s SIM card over here.

This is the only SIM card available, I don’t have any, I only have metro PCS and Verizon, but it doesn’t matter, you have to have a different service provider, so go ahead and install a Verizon SIM card on the phone, and see what’s going to happen.

As you can see, now the phone starts reading the network, you may be able to have the phone worked even through Verizon even if that phone is MetroPCS, but before that, you have to make sure that if you want to have that Verizon, I mean I can tell you t-mobile AT&T or any other GSM carriers, you shouldn’t have any problem.

It seems that the phone is reading Verizon which is good, but you have to confirm this with Verizon, so you have to call Verizon to tell them that you have this phone, they will take the IME number from you, and they are going to confirm the whole process before you activate the phone.

But it seems to be fine, the phone is reading the network, and you have no any problems, now it’s what I have done to this phone, the phone has past ninety days, I am able to put the Verizon or whatever other carriers SIM card, and the phone starts reading the SIM card, there won’t have any problems.

This is the whole steps to have the phone unlocked for free, metro doesn’t charge you if you have the phone over 90 days active in their network, and I wish you find this article helpful, if it is, please don’t forget to leave a thumbs up, subscribe, hit that bill to be notified every time I post an article, thank you so much again, we’ll talk to you in the next article.

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