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How to Use iPhone 5 on MetroPCS Activation The Easy Way

Description: This passage is mainly about metropcs activation. In this passage, the writer shows us how to use an iPhone 5 with a metro PCS. In order for the iPhone to be able to be used on Metro, the phone needs to be unlocked, not stolen, and have a clean IMEI or ESN number.

Today I’m going to show you how to use an iPhone 5 with a metro PCS, it might work in a fairly easy process, what I have to make sure is that the program called the bring-your-own-device program from MetroPCS, which is available in your area, make sure that your iPhone is unlocked and not stolen.

As I have said, it is a fairly easy process, all you do is to get your unlock iPhone to a metro pcs store or your tech service, you can order the SIM card from online and activate the phone by yourself, now I have the Verizon iPhone 5.

In speaking about Verizon, if you’re a Verizon customer, your iPhone 5 is already unlocked, so all you have to do is to pop in the SIM, make sure the SIM is on the nano SIM, make sure that it is a blank SIM, make sure that it’s a new SIM, and you call MetroPCS to activate your network.

If you’re on on AT&T, you can contact AT&T to unlock your phone first for you, then you pop in the SIM and call Metro PCS, or you can go to the stores, they can activate your phone, over there the phone is on Metro PCS, thank you for calling Metro PCS, the Metro PCS terms and conditions of service may be found on

One more thing is to confirm that this is not a fake article or jailbroken phone, it is on Metro PCS, as you can see, the only drawback with having a Verizon iPhone is that I don’t get the LTE on the Metro PCS network, if you bring in AT&T to unlock phone, you get the LTE speed.

I don’t have too many complaints though, because as far as pricing for the Metro PCS plans go, you have the $40 plan, we get five hundred megabytes of data a month, the $50 plan where you get 2.5 gigabytes, and the $60 plan we get unlimited data, all these plans come with unlimited talk and text.

What else can I say? If you’re not AT&T customer or Verizon customer, but you want to buy an iPhone for use with the Metro PCS network, I will leave some links in the description where you can buy an iPhone from, these are credible sites, they use PayPal which means that PayPal protects you, and they also protect the buyer too.

But general rule of thumb is to be very careful when you want to buy phone, our scammers are out there, but I can’t say too much, I like this phone, I mean the plan is cheap, I’m using a $40 plan, but it’s a very nice phone, and I don’t use Wi-Fi that much, I mean I don’t use the data that much.

So if you are a person that uses Wi-Fi, you wouldn’t care for the data plan, but if you have any questions, look at the description for new articles, and you can also post questions to me, I try to reply to them, but once more, thanks for reading my article, please like, subscribe and come back for some more.

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