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Description: The article shows us some information told by the author about how highly he recommends other students to go to Miami Dade College and the reasons he wants to share why we need to go there.

I just wanted to review about miami-dade College and the reason is that I went there for a couple of years and I graduated with my associates of Arts, from there in architecture,it’s trying to find a spot.

I was surprised on how good their teaching system is, how good their advising system is, when I went there, at the beginning, I had trouble to get in and all that stuff are harsh, I had an advisor that helped me through every single step and if you know the school, go with the architecture school,you would know that it’s the one advisor, he’s name’s Juan Carlos,he helped me through every single step, every class, every problem, even the last minute when I was making my portfolio to graduate and to transfer out, he was helping me through every single detail.

It was amazing he helps everyone in the school like a father and a friend to us, everybody goes to him, he’s always there to help, everyone is always there to help each other, the professors are amazing, I learned so much there and it’s just such a good school and I know it’s a community college, but I wish it wasn’t if it was the University, I would just go there for the entire four years or five years to get my masters.

I only trade through doubt if they don’t have the major, but honestly, if I have to give you advice on which school to go to, I would definitely encourage you to go there, if you’re thinking about it, I have nothing bad to say about it.

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