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Description: The content of the article is that different students from various countries share their information and experience when they stay at Miami Dade College and the reasons why they like the college.

I like the culture diversity in Miami,my name is shir mama,I’m from India, I study at Miami Dade College Canyon campus, my major is Business Management, what I like in Miami is the friendly environment here.

You are Miami Zebub, we are here why Arkansas,my name is Messalina, I’m from Indonesia, my major is business entrepreneurship, what I like about Miami is the people and the beach.

I’m musica-san, I’m from Bangladesh, I’m studying small business management at Miami Dade College Kendall campus, I like the weather of Miami,JD mono median and I’m from Brazil, I’m majoring in business in Miami Dade College, I’m very honored to be as to see a piece to them.

I’m shy person and this is yomama,we are in the land of business duty to ISM and cultural diversity, you believe a fear in u.s. and you didn’t visit this,you missed a lot,this is Korea, now reporters Caroline marcelina mushrik and Dianna would like to share with you some important historical types of Florida and Canada Florida was discovered in 1513 the conciliar on the Spanish explorers seeking the mythical Fountain of Youth.

Augustine is a city in Northeast Florida, it is the oldest US European settlement founded by the Spanish in 1565, this delightful historical city makes us experience the antique architecture and traditions by exploring significant landmarks such as Castillo de San Marcos Flagler College the bridge of lions City Marina and fountain of youth Kendall was purchased from the state of Florida in 1883 by the Florida land and mortgage company originally known as Rob Dale.

It was renamed for Hindi John Bowden Kendall, a writer of rider land and mortgage who moved in 1902, the area to manage the company’s land in August 1992, Kendall and the sounding South miami-dade area were severely damaged by Hurricane Andrew.

The Seminoles are the Native American people originally from Florida, they settled in Florida, in the early 18th century, the word Seminole comes from the words Cimarron I Spanish term for runaway or wild one after the US independence the Seminoles moved to a reservation land.

They reorganized their government and received federal recognition as the Seminole Tribe of Florida clumsily, I interpret the measure to Zuri Miami is a beautiful city and I love it.

My name is Stephanie Imani and I’m studying business management CCC wagon is a Dalton magnetic cooler CME the candle campus offers a wide variety of career options for Associate in Arts degree Associate in Science degree and vocational certificates, the candle campus have served the Greater Miami area since 1967, it is home to a wide variety of academic programs and specialized Institute’s.

We would like to share with you the reports prepared by our reporter is subtraction e and zenith about Miami Dade College Kendall campus hope you will like it miami-dade College scandal campus located on a 185 acres dregs of trees and lakes open in 1967, it is a home to a wide variety of academic program and specialized Institute and offers from bachelor’s degrees to continuing education and professional development opportunities studying business on the kenner campus is such a blessing for all of us the School of Business.

In fact, it offers multiple degrees and certificates in various measures such as accounting economics and entrepreneurship the nation premier business organization Phi Beta lambda is also a big part of the campus activity, not only provided with the quality theoretical education, we also gains enzone experience through social projects and business plan design.

My name is Renata,I am from Pakistan, I am studying entrepreneurship in miami-dade College Kendall campus the best thing about Miami is beaches,Indonesia is a bludger intrapreneurship Vizzini danyoung saya suka dari miami Odawa Kuder anya and your business is located in a place with favorable business tax structure govern policies in competitive cost.

It is easy to plan for future growth, you can have this peace of mind in Florida which ranked among the best States for businesses, the state is home to more than two million small businesses.

We will share with you about banking and finance also international trade in Florida banking and finance industry in Florida is very vibrant and empowers those sectors that will create flourishing opportunities in various fields major cities that contributes to the banking and finance industry of Florida are Miami Orlando Tampa.

Jacksonville Brickell is one of the major business hubs of Florida where you will find regional and her offices of many blue chip companies and banks as the word principal commercial gateway to Latin American and Caribbean markets Florida is a leading global threat hubs goods worth more than one hundred sixty two billion dollars flowed through Florida’s airports and seaports in 2012. Florida is also a major producer and exporter of goods which reached a record more than sixty six billion dollars in 2012.

My name is Mohamed Kamel and I’m from Egypt, I’m studying Business Administration at Miami Dade College Kindle campus, what I like about Miami is Miami hijack some Arab legends of Pakistan.

Some magically Business Administration metemma Miami boot Delta station large a Buddha arugula. South Florida is one of the most culturally diverse areas in USA. the area has become a practical melting pot of beliefs customs and food styles Tsuruta also has an abundance of outdoor recreational activities and sports activities. We would like to share with you the reports about sports and Florrie be inclusion by Muhammad Kemal and Sumaira enjoy it.

I’m here to tell you about sports at miami-dade College, miami-dade College is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association and the Florida Community College Activities Association Southern Conference MDC teams have won numerous state and national championships since 1961, the Miami Dade College sharks filled five in Turkey genetic teams for women basketball softball and volleyball for an for men basketball and baseball the cousin of the Florida is one of the exotic stars of the food in the United States with the strong influences from the rest of the South Latin America and the Caribbean histories of in my migration from the nearby net neighbors like Jamaica Haiti Colombia especially Cuba.

The Bahamas has created a fusion of cultures the accusing produced from the fusion of cultures is usually referred to as the Floridian Cozine Caribbean cuisine is concentrated in South Florida particularly Miami. This semester, I would also like to thank every CCIP student here at miami-dade College especially the Kendall campus and Wolfson campus for all their hard work and dedication I’m very proud of you all.

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