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Introduction to 3 Most Active Stocks

Description: This article is related to most active stocks. The writer primarily talks about the three most active stocks on the market in February 12th. He analyzes each of them, and he recommends the stock of Apple to the readers.

Today we’re going to talk about the three most active stocks on the market in February 12, 2018. Check me on stock twits. Stacked works, this is my account. The most active stocks on the NASDAQ are AMD, Apple and QQQ power shares.

I’m going to do an interactive content and dive into the chart. We’re looking at AMD which is a technology company, we’re looking at the recent chart overlay. As we can see, February 9th hit the low about 1067, so you see that there’s a huge sell-off here. I’m about to go down slowly as the market was deteriorated, I dropped points. So we ca see a nice downtrend happening.

This bottom is about 1068, it’s been green candles upward. On February 12th, it opened roughly around $11 and 66 cents. As we can see, here is close to 1170, the pattern for today is bearish to start. We can see that it is dropping slowly within one day, it gains some momentum towards the later half, it looks like golfing candles and some bearish candles, it is stable.

It had an upper chart this week, but it peaked about $15. This is at 13, it looks like an instant buying. A lot of buying has been going on here. So it might be stable, maybe it will get back into twelve dollar. 43.4 million volume with a three percent of change, so it looks good for AMD. It shows that we have 62 million volume, the RSI is about 47:53, which means the stocks are not oversold and overbought. I think it would be a nice spot for a couple of months.

Now we look at QQQ Power Shares, they had a recent sell-off. it was ruined before the market correction. February 6th is about 157 to 162, there’s been a bearish market all the way till February 9th. It bought 15050 abruptly. So it seems that it is a great buying opportunity. As I increase it to 159, there are a lot of green candles going straight up. So the market is correct, it starts to go back up today.

It is going green, it opens about 150 765, so that is a bullish sign. Then it starts to slow down probably, it seems that it’s heading at clothes into a sell-off. It will pick up if we look at the chart on. It was peaked at about 170, which was oversold. It maintains within a 61 million volume for February 12th, 2018. So check out the most active stocks on the NASDAQ with one point seven percent of change.

Everybody plays with Apple, everybody knows what the Apple is. It is the most active stock today with over thirty seven point eight million volume. A couple of investors watch this. The recent downtrend with the correction goes on this week, it’s a severe downtrend. It peaked at about 163 and got to this bottom.

So it is intense for a lot of shareholders. A huge sell-off with a bearish market is on the way, it seems that it will take off lately in the open today at one hundred and fifty eighty dollars and ride it up to 160 271. It’s gaining more momentum, shareholders are coming back. I hope that they can keep their earnings and do not throw them.

The chart dropped from the south of the 160 area severely, we can go down and check the technical facts on this 60 million, volume RSI 43:59. These are not overbought and oversold at 162 71. So that will be a good opportunity to get in, if you like to make some money. The p/e ratio looks good. The return on investment and profit margin is good. There’s also a point in its north of the moving average. So there’s something that you’d like to check out.

I recommend Apple, they always make something happen and innovative, especially with new products. If you like what you see, please give me a file. Thanks.

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