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How To Trade Most Active Stocks Reacting To News

Description: The article is related to most active stocks. The writer primarily recommends a good stock AAQI to the readers, he shows the past deal to prove that he makes much money, he advises the readers to pay attention to this stock.

This is a quick trade which we have today, this is like bread and butter. I am sorry for the late content, but we have some good trades today in AAOI. The shares are at 4569 to 800. I added two hundred. This type of setup is interesting, I like.

We trade right stocks that react well. AAOI has been a good stock. It had a fantastic run last couples of years. They were having a huge downtrend recently. So what’s a surprising earning? Earning is good. The stock bumps into fifty dollars which is a gap, we like to trade gap. But we don’t like bad gap, because the stocks have been demolished, and they gap into resistance.

When you have a thought that fades off like that, we need to see closely to lows, you will know the next day immediately. If I see that gap comes, I’m going to take this thing down, I’m going to try to short the stick. This stock comes out right, it is going to drift down about $40. Giving it back, that’s what they do, it’s incredible when they do. But people fall for it, so what happens is that the stock falls all day.

So as soon as this thing starts to spike up, I will take this thing short and put my stop. So I’m risking my 4050 cents. Then I started to get setup, I started to add eight hundred shares. Then I had several hundred. We traded a couple of times throughout the day, we ended up doing well at it. It was such a simple setup on it.

When I traded, these added several hundred at a time. That was my bread and butter, looking at the news and trying to figure out what should happen on the big picture. Sometimes we get caught up on what happens. We forget to have a thesis behind our trades. I’m supposed to stop this.

So aligning that is an important thing, we focus on that in the chat room. How do we get into the right place? You’re good as the stocks which you trade, that’s the nature of trigger. Sometimes we get focused on flags, that stuff doesn’t matter, because we’re only good as the stocks.

So we need to make sure that we’re looking at the right one, we’re able to read what is happening to determine what type of tactics. Let me know if you have any question.

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