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Most Active Penny Stocks in NSE Segment Indian Stock Market

Description: This article is related to most active stocks. The writer primarily talks about some penny stocks which are the most active and registered in NSE. The writer provides some tips for the readers to invest some good stocks to make money.

Welcome to technical analysis channel of stock market. In this content, we are going to talk about some penny stocks, these penny stocks are the most active and registered in NSE. The price is between 10 to 20 rupees. These penny stocks are like hotcakes in the market.These stocks are going to be helpful for each one who is going to trade with a lesser amount and invests in this stock. They are going to get more profits.

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This is SUZLON ENERGY, 52 weeks H/L: 22/11. This is a very good stock in the market. We can see the regular basis, most of the traders are in SUZLON ENERGY. This is GMR INFRA, 52 weeks H/L: 25/14. This is JAYPEE INFRATECH, 52 weeks H/L: 26/10.

JP-ASSOCIAT, 52 weeks H/L: 30/9, this is a hard stock. Look a the current trend, it moves from 14 rupees to 22 rupees, that trading is recovering. This is SANWARIA AGRO OILS, 52weeks H/L: 34/4. This is United Bank of India, 52 weeks H/L: 27/12. This is RUCHI SOYA INDUSTRIES, 52 weeks H/L: 34/14. Why don’t we discuss all the penny stocks? Because we need less investment for these stocks, even if we can invest in 26 stocks.

These stocks are going to be useful for people who are investing less amount for them. Whenever you invest in these stocks, if they go down, you will get loss. For example, if you invest10 rupees, and it decreases 1 rupee, it will be 10 percent. Even if it increases one rupee, it will be a 10 percent. So we can see high flux relations in the negative market. Consider your analysis, consider high and low levels, then you can invest into these stocks, then you are going to get a good reward.

This is BAJAJ HIND SUGAR, 52weeks H/L: 19/9. This is VIDEOCON INDUSTRIES, 52 weeks H/L: 110/12, it’s different from these two, the gap is almost 100. So we have to be careful with these stocks, otherwise it may break at any point.

This is GVK POWER& INFRA, 52 weeks H/L: 28/12. This is BANK OF MAHARASHTRA, 52 weeks H/L: 41/14. This is INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK, 52 weeks H/L: 32/7. These can be considered for good investment. This is BALLARPUR INDUSTRIES, 52 weeks H/L: 23/11. We can see more fall in these stocks, we can accumulate them for long-term investment, these stocks are going to give a good reward.

This is SHREE RENUKA SUGARS, 52weeks H/L: 23/12. This stock is very hot in the market, we can see a number of traders. This is PUNJ LLOYD 52 weeks H/L: 29/17. This is SUNIL HITECH ENGG, 52 weeks H/L: 16/2. This is KSK ENERGY 52 weeks H/L: 21/6. This is IL&FS INV MANAGERS, 52 weeks H/L: 52/14. You can see the price. If the highest price is 30 rupees, the lowest price is 15 rupees, you can consider that stock.

This is GOKUL REFOILS, 52 weeks H/L: 33/14. This is SUZLON ENERGY, 52 weeks H/L: 22/11. This is USHA MARTIN, 52 weeks H/L: 32/17. This is DIAMOND POWER, 52 weeks H/L: 44/11. This is GTL LTD, 52 weeks H/L: 20/9. This is NAGARJUNA FERTILIZER&CHEM, 52 weeks H/L: 28/13. So Nagarjuna Fertilizer is a good company when it comes to fertilizers. We can invest into this company. This is UJAAS ENERGY, 52 weeks H/L: 40/17.

These 26 stocks are good for the people who are investing less amount, you can analyze and invest them. You are going to get a good reward based on your analysis and the trend of market. People who are interested to open accounts with us are going to get benefits. I am going to give more and more benefits for the people who open accounts and plan to create worship group to provide some information, analysis and some tips.

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