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Description: This article is related to our day trading stock. The writer primarily talks about some active stocks for day trading, he analyzes the situation of the active stocks and forecast the trend of them to help the readers have a great investment on the active stocks.

My name is Cristian Charlo. Welcome to your market report. Today is Thursday, September 12th. I want to talk to you about many active stocks for day trading. We’re going to look at ETF that tracks the gold sector, because the NGO sector continues to maintain, it’s a downward cycle. We gave a signal to get rid of your gold exposure on market gurus. That’s easy that you can have access for free for 10 days by clicking the link below.

I’m going to show you the list of some sites that were active on NASDAQ in New York and give you the trading stock of the day. We published them on our Facebook page. Let’s start. What is a technical situation of the gold sector? That sector continues to maintain its downward cycle. We’re looking for where it is going to.

The new bottom is going to be on 170 202. This will depend on how the FOMC announcement play out next week, as long as we don’t have a clear understanding of what’s going to happen on the other two FOMC announcements. It’s too risky to buy some gold stocks. You can make some money by playing the gold sector on the downside and the gold spot price, because the target is around 125 75 which is on the gold spot price. So on each ETF that, you could use that to benefit.

The day trading performs nicely. I bought and hold on to it. It’s an upward channel throughout the day, it would make fifteen eighty seven percent. So that’s a nice opportunity to make some money and benefit from the decrease on the gold sector.

There are other stocks that are active, there’s EC IQ medical on NASDAQ. I am going to give you some entry point to take a look at the day trading chart and that stock. What happened here? We had a reversal of this downward trend. we all saw the break of the resistance and this price, they are stochastic. You’re tilting more towards the overbought situation and volumes. So you have a signal, it was OK.

The medical is another entry point on the reversal of that downward trend around this area. Not only did the stochastic show that we were heading towards the overbought situation but also volumes showed that it was a good signal. The 10 was highlighted, it was above the 30. What I find is when the 10 is above, it’s usually a bullish signal.

So that’s why I see medical around here. If you got in, you could buy it and hold on to it. We made a chunk of money on ICU medical. I trust financial service. So you can buy it and hold onto it until the stock stays within this channel. If you get in this, I will say that the entry point which you have is in the break of that resistance around 35 69 or 35 87. I think that it’s a good strategy to trade that stock.

Now it’s reaching the top of its upward corridor. So I expect a stabilization space on AM Shores Financial. If we take a look at the stochastics, I will say that I’ve put my stop-loss below at 34 45 on trust financial service. So I give it a shot for our financial service not only for day trading but also for swing trading.

In Kenna, it’s the day of trading stock. It was published in our Facebook Paige. It doesn’t use on the company, because the company might sell some assets. So you have a nice Kenna, the other opportunity to get in is that the stock stays within this awkward channel. So the opportunity to take some profit is to get out of that upper channel. It happened around 18 55 at 11 o’clock..

You have to get out when we reverse that downward trend around here. You see what happened, we had volumes that were surging towards overbought situation. So it was confirmed that here was a great entry point. We’re waiting for the new signal on the upside. It will be around 1876 with the circus inside.

I bet that we’re going to have a stabilization phase and have a stochastic heads up. That would be an entry point higher than 1875. For swing trading, it is OK, because the stock is breaking that resistance. Even if it’s losing some momentum, I’ll put my stop loss at 1793.

It’s a stock speaking a stage within that range for the last three months. It might give a false signal. So that’s why I do not hope in a full position but half a position on antenna for swing trading. We believe that it would be a good ETF that should be tracked tomorrow, because the shackle and the NGO sector can continue for a couple of days until we reach that point where we might have.

We have ICU medical, we have unstressed financial service which is good for day trading and swing trading. But the risk is that we have that important side Reformation which lasts for four months. See you next week.

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