MoviePass Activated Card Review and Tutorial

Description: The article focuses on the topic of moviepass activate card. It is a movie pass review showing the author’s struggle and his overall impressions of movie pass so that we can see if it’s a good deal. The author will give us a quick introduction about why this is a debit card and what we can do with this card.

It takes those viewers, so I signed up about a month ago for this new thing called movie pass, it’s been getting a lot of press lately in the news and in our circles of movie reviewers where it’s a subscription-based service that you pay 995 a month to be able to see any amount of movies per day in a month.

It’s by the creator of Netflix, so he created this thing and basically, the cards were supposed to get here three, four weeks ago, but more people signed up and they thought we were going to sign up and short and long story, they messed up the the orders and everything.

But I see an envelope in my mail today and it seems that it’s from movie past, I’m going to walk down there and grab it, so I’m going to do a little review of my struggle and my overall impressions of movie pass to see if it’s a good deal and we’ll be doing this together.

So hopefully, I’ll be able to convince you to get it or don’t get it, but let’s get that card, we go a month in the making, it’s fine, so I’m in the elevator heading back up, my brother and I both got one, so that’s why there are two envelopes here, I think it’s the booby pass, so we’re going to see what we got.

I’m going to do this over my messy bed, it’s somebody trying to open in that one more time without showing the number on it here, that’s what it looks like, it’s like a credit card, it looks like a credit card, but it’s a MasterCard debit card at the nice movie pass thing, it’s a shame and it’s got some instructions here.

So let’s bust that movie pass app, open and see what we got going on here, so before we jump into the app and see how this starts work and I want to give a quick introduction to why this is a debit card and why it’s not like an app that I can use to buy tickets.

So basically, how movie pass works is that they send you this debit card after you pay, then it’s a recurring monthly charge every month, what you do with this card is that you’re going to register it in the app which we’re going to do in a second here.

Then you use their app to go on and search for theaters that support movie pass and from what I’ve been told and I’ve looked around this area here in Ames Iowa, but most cities have most theaters involved in it, I haven’t heard too many people saying that they won’t accept it and are trying to fight against this.

That’s a whole other story, but for now most theaters including it, AMC is trying to fight against this, but including AMC Theaters currently let this be used, because all you’re doing is that you’re going in the app, you’re selecting a movie time for the day of that, you have to be at the movie.

I want to say that you have to be at the theater or within a hundred yards of the theater to select the movie and then you hit the time, you want the movie, you want the theater, they basically will auto load this debit card here with the exact amount of money that movie costs at that theater.

Then you take this debit card, you walk up to the front desk, go to the kiosk and you go ahead and buy the movie with this glorified debit card, so hopefully, that’s going to work, I’m going to see Kingsman tonight and I know Joey got his movie pass earlier this week, so we’re both trying this out and we’re going to do this.

So let’s go ahead and get that app going, so let’s go ahead and get this app going, so I’ve got the movie pass app already downloaded and you had to download that earlier to be able to at least order the movie pass, so if you get the card, you’ve already had the app, so pop that sucker open, so it comes to the list of theaters that are in your area that support movie pass.

So we’re going to be Cinemark movies, but you can see that there’s a ton of theaters on here and from what I understand, all theaters in your area probably will support movie paths, because it’s a debit card, so they’re getting full price for the ticket, so we’re going to go over here.

Let’s see here movie pass cards and this is the area that you order your car from card earlier, so it says card processing still I don’t know how I tell them that I got my card, I don’t want to invite friends, I want my movie card man, let’s go ahead and check out those instructions on the paper.

We’ll figure this out, so I couldn’t figure out why it’s not showing up that I have my movie pass, it’s supposed to like Auto show up, once you get it and you’ll be able to type it in, so I’m going to try to go ahead and restart my phone, you can see if that does anything and if it doesn’t, I’m going to delete the app and redownload it and see what we’re doing here and the struggle continues.

So I restarted my phone, we’re going to go back in a movie Pass app, you can see what we are going on here, let’s hope this works well now, it’s a blank screen, so it’s rebooting fingers, cross fingers, crossed nothing still says car and processing. I’m going to go ahead and delete the app and start on over time to redownload this app.

Let’s see I’ll let it allow me buzz me up the bats sign up here, I don’t know what this is, I’m going to look it up and I’ll be back, so I found the emails under it and I’m residing back in, let’s go ahead and swipe through all this introduction garbage and this tutorial, I’m not sure, so now it popped up to enter the last four digits of my movie pass card.

So I’m going to go ahead and grab that and do that, so I had it after entering those four digits, so it’s been activated, I was stuck, it will show up, it is processing, but at least I said it was activated, so I think I can go ahead and see my theaters here, so you can click on a theater and it’ll show you all the times that the theater has movies, it’s like any other kind of movie app would do.

But when you pick this, you’re not reserving a seat, if you would be on Fandango, you’d have a ticket, you’re telling movie paths to load that certain amount of money onto your card, so there could be reasons, if you would show up to a popular movie like Kingsman on a Thursday night, it might still be sold out even though you told them to load your card with it.

So make sure you get there early enough to be able to load this card and be able to go and buy your ticket, then because unfortunately, it doesn’t exist there, there are some theaters that allow it, but most years won’t allow you to use the debit card to reserve tickets online.

I think that has something to do with the fact that online apps will charge you certain fees to book a seat online and that’s when movie pass doesn’t cover that, so it won’t be the exact amount of money, there might be a roundabout where you might be able to use your app and then pay for the fees yourself.

But we’ll figure that out in the near future, so we’re going to have to wait till I get to the theater tonight and go ahead and try it out, so movie pass we’re getting there, we are at the theater, it’s out the side here where we’re an hour early and got here way too soon.

But I’m here with my date and we’re going to try this whole movie past thing absolutes, let’s do it, so now that I’m at the theater, I’m going to go ahead and try to sign in here, so I’m going to go ahead and click the theater, I’m not seeing it, because go down to Kingsman, the Golden Circle, I don’t know there are two of them, it’s weirding me out, because you can’t see 3d movies with this.

But I don’t know, I’ll pick the seven o’clock here and then I’m going to go ahead and check in, I don’t know why it lets me type, that’s weird, that’s a different zip code, but it seems that it worked, so my card should be loaded and we’re going to go ahead and take that in and and try to pay for it.

We’ll see how that goes, so I’m going to go to jail purchase tickets which are good things, I’m a date credit card, maybe the donors are cool, we have suspense, that’s processing so that kiosks didn’t like it, but I think that might have been the movie theater.

But I got in, I went to the front desk and I used my card and got the ticket, so it works passes, we’re good to go, we’re going to see Kingsman, so it’s been about 24 hours since I got to use the movie pass, as you could see from the video, it worked, I had a little kiosk trouble.

But ultimately, it was able to end up getting my ticket, so I want to wrap this up with a little more information about movie pass, if you’re on the fence, so obviously, you still get to see one movie per day for 995 a month which is a great deal, the only key drawbacks and I mentioned a couple of them.

But you get to see the one movie per day and we confirmed that that’s not 24 hours, so if you saw a movie at 7 o’clock, you wouldn’t be able to see a movie at 4 o’clock, that’s not the case, it’s the next calendar day, so theoretically you can see a late movie and then see an early movie the next day, it doesn’t matter, so that’s cool, you can’t see the same movie twice which is weird.

So it won’t let you check in to the same movie, they might be changing that they might have changed that, but at least from what I read, that’s true for now, obviously, there are ways around that, I don’t condone this, but people could buy a ticket for a movie that they didn’t want to see and then go to the theater of the movie if they want to see it again.

So it’s not a foolproof way to do that, I don’t know why they would limit the 3d movies, but honestly, not a lot of us see 3d movies in general and it makes sense, it’s a little more expensive for those 3d movies and then it’ll show on the app which times are blocked out, because they’re 3d, so it’ll show up that the times are there, but it won’t let you click it and it will tell you that it’s not supported by the app.

One of the key drawbacks is that you can’t reserve your seat online. we talked about that a little bit on how you can’t hop onto the app like an AMC app and reserve your tickets and reserve your seats, you have to be at the theater to be able to reserve the ticket which should be for free movies.

It’s not a bad deal and you could certainly get there a little bit earlier to work with this deal, so a couple of things to know before we wrap this up, so AMC, I mentioned that they’re trying to fight movie pass in some legal battles which is going to be hard to do, because AMC and all the theaters are still getting paid full price.

Because it’s a debit card and you’re paying for a regular credit card or debit card, so AMC claims that the reason why they’re fighting movie pass in the courts is that they’re concerned about the consumer when in reality, I think what happened and there are rumors out there about this, they are not rumors, there are actual reports that AMC was looking into doing rolling out their own subscription-based service for a higher price and movie pass undercut them and slid in and was able to steal up that marketplace.

So you could do it, so AMC is looking at ways not to take this legally, but I think that’s going to be wrapped up in the courts for a while, so I wouldn’t let that sway your decision and in any way, movie fest claims that their service will help theaters in the long run by getting more people into theaters and theoretically getting more people to buy concessions where theaters make the most amount of money.

Most of their profit is based on concessions, because the ticket itself is basically almost paying for the movie to show the movie, so getting more people into theaters, buying more concessions more often movie pass claims that that’s going to help the profitability of theaters and move pass has also said that they hope in the future that theaters will see this and see how much profit is being gained by more people getting into the theaters because of movie pass that theaters will offer movie pass tickets at a discounted rate, which I can’t see happening.

But if movie pass gets a lot of people to buy into this, they’re going to have a lot of negotiating power for sure, it’s also worth mentioning that when movie pass rolled out its new 995 plan, it also sold a majority stake to a data collection firm called Helios and Matheson analytics movie Paz says that this buyout was necessary to generate enough revenue to be able to support the new plan.

But it’s safe to assume that movie Paz is going to be using this data firm to take information about movie goers such as what type of movie goer goes to see what type of movie, how many movies they see, where they see it, what they don’t see and all that metadata that can be so valuable, so that can be a new revenue stream for movie passing.

The real way they make money, that’s some valuable information of marketing teams that they could sell or they can hang on to that information and do some market research themselves and possibly come up with new ways to create revenue, but to be fully where your data is being used in that way.

But honestly, it’s such a great deal and movie theaters do that already AMC and movie pass had a partnership before this all riff started to happen where AMC used its stubbs membership to go ahead and give that information a movie passed so that they could come up with plans together to get people into movie seats.

So it’s not something totally new and it’s not a breach of security or anything like that, they’ve been doing this for a while, so if you’re getting a nine ninety-five a month movie plan out of it, it’s still a great deal, but it’s worth noting, so the Netflix of movies is here movie passes hopefully here to stay and it’s such a steal.

If you go to the movies more than twice a month, you’re already making your money, you’re racking up the savings and if you go to the movies once a month, you’re making your money back, so I would totally recommend this to even the casual movie goer, it’s a great product and it works smoothly.

Now that they have all the cards doled out, they’re reworking their app, because it does seem a little dated at times and they’re going to roll out a new app with all the bells and whistles coming in 2018, so there’s a lot to look forward to the movie pass definitely recommended, let us know in the comments if you are thinking about getting movie pass, if you’re not thinking about it, we’d love to know your thoughts about this.

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