My First Experience With MoviePass Activated Card

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It is Corbin Stuckey a pixel talk here and today I’m here to talk to you about my first experience with movie pass, I’m covering up the majority of this card, because it is like a credit card, so I don’t want anybody getting my information of this card for personal gain or anything like that, so this is movie pass, you can see the logo on here.

I’m going to put it back in my wallet, I wanted to talk to you about my first experience using movie pass, because I feel as though it could be beneficial to you, I am no way, it’s sponsored by movie pass, I am telling you that you should get movie pass or maybe another version of movie pass or other companies that do stuff like this.

I think it’s very beneficial for somebody who goes to the movies a lot and I go to the movies every weekend and this is something that I would have loved five years ago, so I’m going to tell you exactly what this is and the payment plan and it’s hugely beneficial.

I can’t believe that, this is a thing and I want to clarify again, I am not being sponsored by this company, this is something that I am making to share with you about my experience and maybe it can help you in the future, when I am going to a movie, because this is a very cheap option, if you see movies every weekend, when you see a movie every weekend, you are typically spending 36 to 38 dollars a month.

That isn’t including if you see movies twice the same weekend, but with this card, it gives you the ability to see multiple movies throughout the month, one movie a day for only nine ninety-five a month, let me say that you can see a movie every day for only nine ninety-five a month.

One of the New Year’s resolutions that I had for this year was to see more movies and to review them, because I know a lot of people want to hear my opinions on good movies and blockbuster movies, but I think a lot of people are also entertained when I see a bad movie, there were a couple of bad movies that I reviewed last year that a lot of people liked a lot of people, liked my opinions and getting mad over those said movies.

But that isn’t something I typically do, because I don’t often go to the movie theaters to purposely see a bad movie, I’m very rotten tomatoes or I look up the reviews for a film to make sure that it’s got positive reviews, if it has negative reviews, I’m probably not going to see it.

The only time when I see a negative review, the film is if it’s nostalgic of my childhood, but I know a large majority of people want to see a review, because they want to deceive someone bash on that movie, there’s a form of entertainment and comedy to that kind of video.

That’s what I wanted to bring towards 2018 was to review more bad films and review more films in general, good films, mixed films and bad films, but I don’t like paying for bad films, every time when I find that, I went to see a bad movie, I always feel sad, because I wasted money on something that I typically hated.

So that’s why this year I decided to invest in something that I had been hearing throughout 2017 and that is movie pass, I decided to get a movie pass subscription, I tried it out last night, when I went to see den of thieves, den of thieves wasn’t a bad movie, I didn’t have the mindset that I was going to be a bad movie, I had the mindset that it was going to be in a movie and I didn’t want to spend money on it.

So I decided to get a movie pass and to see what the experience was going to be when using the pass, so here’s my story, so when you get a movie pass in the mail, they make you download an app called the movie pass app and what it basically makes you do is that you have to make an account and you have to look up a local theater that you want to go to.

There are a lot of theaters in Orlando, because Orlando is very movie theater oriented, I live next to a film school, so there are a lot of theaters in Orlando Florida, because it’s also an entertainment like city in the state of Florida, you click on the movie theater and you go to the listings of movies that are showing in that movie theater and you click on the movie that you want to see.

It’s very important to understand that you cannot do this from your house, you have to be within 100 yards of the movie theater, this is something I tried the day before using the movie pass for curiosity’s sake, I had school that day, so it’s a good thing that I didn’t go and use it, but you have to be within 100 yards of the movie theater.

So it was very good that I tested that to clarify what the certain rules were, so the day after, I went to a very local movie theater and I tried to click on the movie that I wanted to the show times are there, so I tried to click on the 9:45 Showtime and it wasn’t working the reason why it wasn’t working was that I had low reception.

So it wasn’t the app itself, it wasn’t the card, it was because I had to get in reception and this was outside, this was like a mall, so I guess mall sometimes have low reception, I was doing outside the mall, so that doesn’t make sense either, but I don’t know, I was outside the mall and I had low reception, so I decided, maybe the mall has Wi-Fi.

Let me go inside the mall where the movie theater is located and you know how to get some Wi-Fi and test it out, that’s exactly what I did, I went inside the mall, I was in front of the movie theater like inches away, I pulled up my phone, I clicked on the 9:45 showing that I was scheduled for my movie, I immediately thirty seconds later went up to the box office and said here to seek down a Thieves.

I have a movie pass and I didn’t know if they knew what I was going to be talking about at first, but they knew what I was talking about there, swipe your card and I got a ticket for den of thieves, it’s simplistic, you need to get a card, you need to make an account, you need to be near a movie theater, sign in and then you can see your movie and it’s only nine ninety-five a month to see any movie.

You want a day, that’s awesome, however, there are a couple of CAPTCHAs to this, you cannot see 3d movies which is fine, I don’t see 3d movies, I see standard showings, I handle in glasses are on my face and that’s typical, what I see is the standard movies, I think that 3d is a gimmick sometimes and I want to see a film, I want to be entertained by the story and characters.

So that’s fine, that’s great, if movie pass provides that for me, then I’m all good and I think it also provides IMAX showings, I was looking at a showing list on the app and it had a showing for 12 strong which was an IMAX,12 strong is a war movie and it would make sense that they would have an IMAX screening.

I had the ability to sign up for a 12 strong IMAX screening, I didn’t, because I was busy, but that’s cool that it also provides IMAX showings, the only thing that is excluded is 3d showings, I don’t know if IMAX is included, I think it is because it showed up on the app.

But if I’m wrong, comment down below, but in a Pierce that you can sign up for IMAX showings and see IMAX showings for free, I think that’s cool, you’re probably wondering whether this legal is something that I can do and feel morally about it.

I think so, because the company seems to have the right amount of money to give back to the movie itself, this has existed for a while, I think at the beginning of 2011 or something like that, this was initially around $50 now, this was something that I still had to do today.

I would sign up for movie pass, I would still be paying the same amount that I would be paying to see a movie, so there wouldn’t be any point for me, but they seem to have gotten a lot of money throughout the years, I guess people did sign up for that kind of account and paid $50 a month and they seem to have got their own money from those people.

I think they’re using the money that they gained throughout the years and putting it towards getting tickets for people who want to see movies which makes sense, it’s an investment, it’s an investment for the future, so you can help people out by seeing a movie once a day for only nine ninety-five a month.

I think that’s cool and you’re probably also wondering whether this support the movie theater well, it’s important to understand that movie theaters don’t get a lot of their money from ticket sales, a lot of the money from ticket sales go back to the production studios of the movies, a majority of money that is made at a movie theater is from food and drinks like popcorn and candy and coca-cola.

So if you want to feel like you’re supporting your movie theater, the best way is to buy food, I’ve worked at a movie theater before and I’ve learned a lot about this stuff, you can only support a movie theater by getting popcorn, when you go to a movie theater and you’re buying food and soda, it’s the most expensive thing that you’re spending on when going to see a film.

So if you’re worried, that movie pass is hindering movie theaters from getting money back that isn’t the case, you should definitely get movie past, if you are someone who goes to see movies every weekend, it’s hugely beneficial, you are basically only spending 1/4 of what you spend every month.

When you go to a movie theater every weekend and that’s who movie passes for, but if you are someone who doesn’t go to the movies a lot and you see a movie once a month, then this probably isn’t for you, because you’re still going to be spending that same amount like $10 for going to see a film once a month.

If there’s someone that goes to the movies all the time, this is for you, I haven’t run into any problems, like I said, this is my first experience using movie pass, so if I come across any problems, I’ll update you in the future, but this was my first experiences in movie pass, I didn’t have any problems except for the reception on my phone.

So that’s maybe something that you want to take into consideration, your phone is good enough to be within a movie theater, does it have good reception? Can you sign into a Showtime? That’s something you definitely want to take into consideration, that’s not a movie pass issue though that’s more of a phone issue.

If your phone sucks your phone, you’re going to get a new phone, I don’t know, quit blaming your problems and other things, so those are my thoughts on my first experience with movie pass, let me know in the comments below if you have experienced anything negative while using a movie pass.

I personally haven’t experienced anything negative yet, I’m aware that I can cancel my subscription if I ever want to, so it’s not a planned contract or anything like that, so that’s cool, I like that, I’ve been singing a lot, that’s cool, because it is cool, this movie pass is cool, please give this video a like, I really appreciate it and please subscribe to pixel talk if you haven’t yet for more movie news trailer reactions and gaming content, thank you so much, I am Corbin Stuckey and this is pixel talk.

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