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MSU Denver Student Hub at DIME Denver

Description: The following article is mainly designed to focus on the present topic which is related to the key point of msu denver student hub. MSU Denver at DIME Denver offers a fully accredited degree program in modern music.

When we met with MSU Denver, almost immediately we shared a vision that would help bring innovation into music education, it was almost like meeting a mirror image of Sara, because they’ve got the same forward-thinking attitude they’re interested in.

What’s coming out? I’m originally from Michigan and on one of my visits back to Detroit through some mutual friends, I have the opportunity to meet the leaders and founders of dying and tour their amazing space, it only took me a couple of minutes to know that we needed them here in Denver.

I began to think about who could collaborate with them and who could make this and MSU Denver came is to mine and we got so excited about this idea, we’re in the education business.

So we wanted to create with our partners a program that would be a bachelor’s degree that would be fully accredited that would prepare young people to be professionals in modern music.

I was in Community College for something I hated last year and I don’t know through inspiration through the members of my band and some of my older friends that attend here, I had to do it and I couldn’t be happier than I did.

I changed my life for the better one, I want to be able to make money, doing what I love, so this is why we felt we had to teach at degree level, because it’s about having a career and understanding all aspects of that.

It’s not enough to be a good musician, you’ve got to understand the job and how to get paid and how to look after yourself and that’s what the focus of the MSU Denver at dime program is, it is preparing students for how to enter that industry in a number of venues as a performer, a songwriter, as a music industry executive or management person for a student.

I think the major benefit is that they go to college and pursue their passion rather than having to choose between them, which so many students do today.

So it’s fun to be in a position where a program that you are starting with a great set of partners has the potential to make some substantive changes in not a local music industry, but in a national music industry, it’s going to be fun to watch this thing.

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