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How to Install Activate MTV UK Kodi Com

Description: The following article is mainly about the mtv com activate, offering you a review of the MTV Music Television UK Version Kodi add-on which offers training artists, latest playlist, music videos, live music and playlist charts.

Today I want to review the MTV Music Television UK Version Kodi add-on. What does it offer? It offers training artists, latest playlist, music videos, live music, playlist charts and search for music. It’s a great music app for all music lovers. I’ll show you how to add the repo.

We’ll start. We’ll install the add-on and look at it. Click system and file manager. Click add source and click on none here. Paste it in The URL has changed. Let’s put that in the description and press done. Press OK and press home. Go to system settings. Go down to add-ons.

Once they’re installed from zip file, go into mucky that we created here. Click repository md.repo- That’s going to install the Mucky Ducks repo. Click on install from repository. Go into Mucky Ducks repo. Go to video add-ons and MTV UK should be here. The version is 1.0.1.

Click on that. Click install and give it a minute till it is enabled at home. Go to video add-ons. It should be there and let’s take a look what it offers. Here’s MTV UK. Click on it and there you go. Training artists is as an example. We want to listen to Nicki Minaj.

Click on Nicki Minaj. It’s going to look for stuff and work away there. We should have some Nicki Minaj. Let’s give it a minute. It is the first time I try this. Let’s try some other artists. Let’s see what happens with Nicki.

All her videos come up and then we can select the song. Let’s select this one. Double click on one of them. That works. We have latest playlist here. We can look up play lists. In Music videos, I like latest music videos, Rocks trending and hottest music videos. That’s cool MTV. We have live music section.

I like top official UK top 40 single chart. This is a nice section because you can listen to the top 40s. Let’s get in. It takes a little bit of time. Once it pulls in all the little icons, you can see it’s on them. It’s all stars used in order. That’s cool. Let’s go back here.

You can search for videos This is a good add-on. It has a party on music videos. I don’t want it to be searched all over YouTube. This is MTV UK. I don’t buy Muckys. I wanted to bring it to you. I’ll see you the next one. Take care.

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