my life dolls at walmart

My Life Doll at Walmart and Surprises

Description: The following article is mainly designed to talk about my life dolls at walmart. In this article, the author introduces many of her My life dolls at Walmart to you, showing you the information of those dolls.

I am Miss Asia and we are going to show our leg stuck. First, we’re going to start with the dolls. Mine is Julia and she has a bed to come on with her. She is Ginger. What they need should be their bunk beds. They clip on together and have the same beds. One can be faced this way.

They change them the way they can switch. How hard this way is. Hers is that way you can switch. We are going to show that the clothes and the shoes they have. This is a purple rope. My grandma gets it for me. Her name is Nicole. Her mother’s name is Rhonda.

My grandma got this. It’s a thing of the doctor with a little pocket. Some pieces are missing, but it’s fine. It came with an umbrella for her. The dogs will have it. It is with a little umbrella on that half. I got this no pockets type. Are you ready to show your shoes?

That’s Oprah. I have some clothes. This is a bathing suit cover-up. It has this little skirt down here. It comes along with a bathing suit and it has this. Those are my clothes. I got the same and we’re going to show you the shoes. She’s going to show you the shoes she has. They roll and they got these little things. That says that’s those pieces.

There’re hearts coming up. We got these little butterfly shoes and the backs lift up. I’ve got some moss. There are boots. I got these boots, but she has got a different pine. I got on the same thing that she has, but mine are lost.

I brought the shoes. They have little football smidge of silicon and they go along with the bathing suit and stuff. We got these little shoes. They slip on the toes and go in there. You got these little sneakers which have their real tongues. That’s a little hard to do it.

There are real laces. I lost my others, but there’s this one. I guess others are in the bag. It also has these buckles to go on with it which is cool. The buckles are velcro. It’s a little decoration to make it looks like Nance. She has these. They’re little jelly shoes and they have little hearts on three hearts.

My mother bought these from the thrift store. They’re these little shoes. They’re bulbs and they have white hearts. Those are our shoes if you haven’t seen at my birthday. We’re going to show you that. It’s cool. That is Eiffel Tower with flowers. I will show you my big siste one said vixx’s now behind me. I have some new monsters.

On my other video and my monsters collection, I will show you this. I have some new ones. I have this one that is named Frizzy. She doesn’t say anything, but she’s soft. She has lots of hair. This is the story. All you see is frizzy hair, but you need to toss me if you dare.

They have little stories and this is key chain Delilah. I put her on my backpack. I’m going to read you her story, A Lemon and A Magical Forest. My friends love to poke my tummy, because I’m so ticklish and she’s so tiny.

This one is Daisy and I’m going to read her story, Live in A Field of Flowers. Old things are pretty and she’s got a little flower at the top. There’re all the monsters now use this little mini to r1 as the lie with baby. Thanks for reading. Bye.

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