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My Life Doll Clothes Section at Walmart Perfect For American Girl

Description: The article concentrates on the topic about my life dolls at walmart. The author will show us about the My Life Doll Clothes Section at Walmart and point out several items that are the perfect usages for American girls. The market has stocked enough items for people to buy.

I’m at Walmart and I want to be showing you a look at the my life as stuff, they have great things, you can use for your American Girl doll and they’re fully stocked here.

This is in Canada, so keep in mind about the Canadian crisis, so we have a little fold-out couch here, they have some great little accessories, I bought these before they have a little hats, they have headphones, these are so awesome, they’re only three dollars, they fit the dolls.

I have some of those at home, we also have sunglasses, jelly shoes, look at these urns over here, they’re like gladiator sandals for your dolls, those are cool, we also have little carriers for your dog, those are 10 or 12 88 and you can fit the my life as pets in there great alternatives to American Girl down here.

They also have a wheelchair, set a salon chair and up here what I thought was to close, they have a t-shirt set where you can make t-shirts with your doll to match and those would fit American role as well.

So here’s a look at the my life as dolls, they are 33 97 in Canada, there’s so diverse, I absolutely adore them now, take a look at all these fantastic outfits that they had, they are ten dollars in Canada, they came out with some new ones for the spring and summer that I’ve been seeing like this one here.

That is a romper, this is 3q with rain boots and the floral top we love is the color, then we also have this one here dresses accessory sets, look at this $10 as well, a strawberry umbrella, so cute crutches a way more affordable alternative to American Girl.

Here are rows and rows of outfits for your dolls, this one’s cute ombre shorts, you should definitely check these out at your local Walmart, this one with feathers a water bottle and they’re all stuck lots of fun designs on these.

I’m moving along, there are also arching cast sets here, you can make skirts for your doll, you can eat out with them, there’s also a chair for them, I thought this is cool, a country girl outfit a veterinarian one.

These are 2488 and then a little rain one as well, it is so cool, then down here, we have more of the dolls as well, so have courses for your dolls, they look good, not a fan of horses.

But it looks good, not the best quality, they even have a bed for your doll, these can be stacked to be bunk beds and those are 2488 as well, so quite a lot of variety here absolutely love everything huge selection and affordable.

I purchased my first outfit that was a monthly funds, you’ll see from here and I wanted to take you over here and they have some outfits here as well.

There’s a rainbow one cupcake one, look at this one, French inspired perfect for grace moving down perfect for spring and summer and pajamas white this election here on all these are ten dollars.

If you look through, you can find some great outfits, take a look at that one that one’s gorgeous also have that one which are so awesome items here, happy with this selection at Walmart here in Canada.

I wanted to quickly show you a close-up of the desk, it’s cool and awesome, so here’s a look at the desk here 3488 balancing it on my leg and it’s made out of plastic, definitely not American quality.

But it has a light a little computer stickers, you do get a chair, the drawers do open which seems that you get some mats and little magazines, so that’s cool, I was in the market for a desk, I would buy this, but I already have kits desk, so thank you so much for your attention.

I thought it’d be fun to go on location and show you sub mine life add adult clothes and items from Walmart, so it is definitely a great alternative to American Girl clothes, they definitely have cute stuff.

So be sure to check it out, thanks for your time, I will talk to you next time about stunning in person, it’s incredible, the camera will not do justice, so here’s a look at the beautiful dress.

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