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Description: This article mainly focus on the function of the Georgia Southern Auxilary Services, what it offers to the residents and the basic infrastructure on the campus.

You’re here to get a great education, but college life at Georgia Southern is much more than that, where will you live, where will you eat, where will you get your computer fixed, Georgia Southern Auxilary Services has the answers to these questions about life outside of the classroom.

Auxilary Services Department offers its residents a fun, familiar living environment in which they can enjoy the experience of living on their own, decorating apartments, the camaraderie of roommates and community rooms. Staying in the residence halls gives you the opportunity to meet lifelong friends, get involved in activities and enhance your overall freshman experience.

At Georgia Southern, you can sleep easy at night knowing that each Residence Hall is equipped with safety features including keycard access, locked in bolted doors, panic buttons and emergency call boxes. All of the halls are conveniently located near academic buildings, dining establishments and bus routes.

This suite-style apartment room in Centennial place has a shared living space, kitchenette, bathroom and separate bedrooms. The kitchenette includes a full refrigerator, microwave and bar style dining area. Each bedroom contains an extra-long twin bed, closet, desk and dressers for storage space. The bathroom has a shower and separate sinks and storage area for each resident.

Dining Services provides our campus with diverse food choices to accommodate the needs of all students on campus, our two residential dining facilities, Dining Commons and lakeside Dining Commons allow you to feast on a range of cuisines from tex-mex, Asian Americana, allergen friendly meals and down-home southern soul food meet up with a group of friends.

In the bustling Dining Commons or lounge on the second floor of Lakeside Dining Commons, you can have a waterfront view. The Eagle Dining Plan gives you all access to these facilities, Dining Dollars for retail, locations and guest passes for friends and family. Freshmen who are living on campus are required to have a Dining Plan, in addition to our two largest establishments.

Eagle dining offers several retail dining locations on campus as well, use your Eagle Express to dine, no matter what you’re craving, Eagle dining provides the variety of options to satisfy your appetite.

Eagle Card Services makes life on campus effortless and simpler by giving you the access to the amenities that make your life easier at soar, you will register for your Eagle card, your primary identification card. As an enrolled student, you will use your Eagle card for all dining facilities, to check out library books and get in and out of your residence hall, students can use their Eagle card to access their Eagle Express account, a declining balance payment system accepted throughout the campus and off campus at seventy and more vendors.

If you’re running low on Eagle Express, just use one of our convenient kiosks to reload money on your card as needed, while at the Eagle card services office enroll in our state-of-the-art iris camera entry system.

The iris camera system is a hygienic and hands-free entry method to a residential dining facility and the recreation activity center. Tapingo offers students a mobile method to order from their favorite on-campus dining locations, Apple pay and Google Wallet are both accepted at all campus dining locations and retail stores.

Whenever you need an annual checkup or treatment for injury or illness, the new state-of-the-art health services facility can accommodate your health needs. Health Services takes pride in meeting a student patient’s needs and expectations by employing a variety of health professionals focused on providing top-notch medical support and service.

Students may visit their new location on plant Drive for general office visits, examinations and treatments, the new Health Services Center not only offers physical therapy but also immunizations and allergy shots, x-rays, lab work and it is home to Eagle Eye care. Health Services education and promotion host several events throughout the semester encouraging students to reduce health risks, decrease risky health behaviors and maintain overall good health.

The University store has everything you need to study, play which carries a variety of licensed Georgia southern merchandise and gameday apparel. Students can purchase school supplies and textbooks for all their courses, you can even purchase them online and pick them up when you arrive to campus.

As an authorized Apple Campus store, we sell IMAX iPads and Apple accessories, all of our merchandise is competitively priced with an education discount, if you need computers service, mobile phone or tablet repair or maintenance, you can speak with one of our stay mobile representatives for tech help.

You can send an old-fashioned letter in the mail printing and postal services to your loved ones in Georgia Southern University which offer quality printing as well as mail service. Every student living in a residence hall will have their own personal locked Pio box and can accept mail and packages at the office, make sure to have your Eagle card on hand to pick out the package.

We offer a multitude of professional-grade prints and can assist with printing everything from resumes and thesis papers to banners and graduation announcements, we’re conveniently located in Dining Commons, so students can pick up a package or print job when they stop in for meal.

Parking and transportation offers over 12,000 spaces available for students, faculty and staff to park on campus, purchase your parking permit online at my Georgia Southern GDU and pick it up when you arrive to campus.

We also run the southern Express bus transit throughout campus, over 15,000 passengers use the southern Express bus transit daily and the many convenient stops throughout campus make getting to class up leads. Download and use the smart tracks app to see where your next bus is located on campus.

In addition, parking new transportation provides services such as zip car rental program to allow students to rent a car at their convenience, you can download the app and pay your ticket quickly and easily. If you have an electric vehicle, there is an on-campus charging station located next to the parking and transportation office.

Auxiliary services puts tremendous effort to ensuring you have a great campus experience.

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