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Description: This is article talks about the experience of the author on  the last first day of the last semester at Georgia Southern University and her feelings.

It’s the last first day of my last semester in GSU, and I’m going to wear all back and get my hair done, now I’m on my way to school.

I have a business class in the math and physics building but I don’t know where it is because I haven’t been studying since freshman year. You don’t really have to show up, because all the notes are online, but I still want to show up.

Now I realize I have a meeting at 1:00, so I have to go back to change my shoes. I want to make my vlog to be more interesting, so let me come down here, I want to have cool transition shots, b-roll and others with music, but I have to go to class now.

Now I’m having lunch, so now I’m back in the editing lab and getting some b-roll. One of my co-workers is watching black mirrors, which I’ve been hearing about, so we are going to the first two episodes.

So the first is called arc angel, I watched it, it is good which talks about a child who went missing and the mother was overprotective, so she ended up implanting a piece of technology into her head through which she can see where the child was all the time with a GPS system on her tablet, she could see what the child saw. It was weird. Now I understand why people are obsessed with this show

Now I’m going to meet a friend who works in a fancy hotel, it’s a little wierd to work like that, for my spring break trip, I’d like to use Air B&B, because it is cheaper, and you live in someone’s home, but for hotels, you can get free breakfast, bed-made, towels sometimes.

I find an apartment on the Air B&B, which is cute, with brick walls and a white kitchen, one queen bed, sofa bed, here is a review which says, the rooms smelled awful, almost unbearable, shower wouldn’t drain and filled with hair and grime ill, stains on the towel, and so noisy, if you want a cheap place and don’t expect too much, it can be good for you.

So that is almost my last first day of undergraduate, I’m excited to meet my friends and go to class, this semester won’t be too busy, which means I will have more time focusing on the things I’ve always wanted to do.

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