How to Login and Access GoGuardian MCPS and Create Classroom at Portal. Com

Description: This is a tutorial on how to access the go Guardian, which is an MCPS paid for application, by logging in through MCPS, and create your own classroom.

I want to share with you some information about go Guardian, it’s an MCPS paid for application. And in this module, I want to show you how to access this resource by logging in through MCPS and creating your own classroom. What’s nice about go Guardian is that you can access every student’s Chrome book screen, their history take screen shots.

Click on go Guardian, it should automatically open a new tab, after you’ve opened up a new tab, log in, you don’t need to create an account, login with your Google account, they’re going to want to use your dot net account, so it’s basically your outlook. And instead of the underscores, they’re going to put dots and instead of org, you’re putting dotnet, you can find that green button over there, where it says add classroom.

Then, you can name it, and then choose year, put test, choose color, and once you are done, you can press add classroom, when you’re creating their schedule, I recommend using the entire school day, in that way you can easily backlog.

So you can put the time on your classroom, it could be your a.m. class or your p.m. class, but I’m going to show you is just for the whole school day, then you just click Add schedule.

The easiest way to access to sign into goguardian is to use a code on enroll You can easily see this being used on your Google classroom as an assignment, you could put your enroll code and try those steps in creating your classroom.

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