Why Is MyMCPS Classroom Beyond The Basics at Portal. Com?

Description: This article intends to tell you how to use the features of  the My MCPS Classroom to hide things from stude, give them grades and how to use rubrics.

These are some details about My MCPS classroom.

The students will get their grades through the MCPS portal and they can use this phone app which helps them download it on iPhones, they’ll search for my MCPS mobile and on androids it might be called Montgomery public schools and that portal will be their new ed line.

They’ll be able to see their grades at the portal, now students will be able to access course information because we all published our syllabus and course information to the canvas app now.

Canvas what called as My MCPS classroom, but it is an LMS learner management system that a lot of colleges and universities and high schools use and the canvas phone app is what students need to access syllabus, course information, objectives and homework that you posted at the beginning of the year.

Both the portal and canvas are available on our website and they’re available on a computer as well as on a phone app and the probably the easiest way to direct students is to have them go to the QL website and look for the portal or the my MCPS classroom login. Another note up here is that you can get the resources in My MCPS classroom and My MCPS portal.

The grades that appear on my MCPS classroom are entered in canvas. You would go in your course, go down to the settings and go to the navigation tab, then click grades and you can drag the grades down to the bottom and you can hide it, when it is hidden, students won’t see them, the only thing they’ll be able to see in My MCPS classroom is your course objectives syllabus etc, you can hide whatever you don’t want students to see. But remember to save at the end.

There are two things else I want to talk to you in using my MCPS classroom, giving out an assignment to students and collecting an assignment paper lessly, using a rubric to grade it as well.

To make a new assignment in your class, I can go to assignments here in my intership class, when I click new assignment, I’m going to be able to write a prompt right here and give the assignment a name and the most important thing is to decide what submission type I want to use.

If it’s on paper, you will need to collect it, students would have a text box to cut and paste their paragraph or whatever you want them to do, you could actually have them upload a media recording, a website URL or a file upload and you can choose the kind of file uploads that you want, like PDF, docx or something else.

So one thing that is of particular interest to teachers is the external tool, if you decide that you want to use a Google document that you’ve created and you can find an external tool to do that, you’ll click find and then you’ll scroll down to find Google Docs cloud assignment.

Once you’re in your Google Docs, you’ll be able to choose the Google Docs that you want to use, then choose my due dates, when I save this assignment, it’s essentially like handing out a document in Google classroom. There’s the narrative plot diagram that the tenth grade team made and here is like handing out that worksheet.

Whatever you design is handed out to them, they can fill it in and hand it back in to you, now I want to add one extra step because you can’t see the option to add a rubric, but it is a very useful thing.

The first thing I’d like you to do is to go to outcomes over here with a little three dots, there’s going to be a rubric and you can manage rubrics, like add a new one, add criterion criteria, add how many points, create a rubric, attach a rubric to an assignment.

So when students hand in their work, you can go to the speedgrader to grade their assignments and the clickable rubric will add all the points for you.

So I hope those give you a little bit of idea of some of the assignment and grading possibilities within My MCPS classroom, if you want any help, please call on me and I’d be happy to come help you.

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