How to Update Addresses and Phone Numbers at Mypack Portal. Com

Description: This tutorial will tell you how to update your phone number, mailing address and other contact information that you have shared with NC State University which will help the university to keep track on you.

This tutorial will show you how to update your phone number, mailing address and other contact information that you have shared with NC State University, this contact information will help NC State do important details, such as enrollment information, paychecks. You may receive your diploma from your student center.

Scroll down to the section labeled personal information, in this drop-down menu you will be able to quickly navigate to either phone numbers, addresses, email addresses or privacy settings.

We will begin with addresses, the main addresses that you will need to worry about as a student include home, nailing permanent, parent, diploma. Each address type serves a different function, SEV is an address type for international students only, please note that if you live in your own apartment off-campus, your home mailing address may be different from your permanent parent address.

Your diploma address is where the university will send your diploma once you graduate and all outstanding charges have been paid to add a new address, simply click this button and fill out the street information in the window that appears. Once you click OK, you will be able to select what type of address this is, you will see your new address here on the addresses page, if you want to make any changes to it, click Edit next to Reach.

Click on Your Phone Number to provide your phone number, you may sign up to receive wolf alerts as well as other yniversities’ notifications by text. Clicking add a phone number, a new line will appear on this page, select the phone type from this drop-down menu, type in your new phone number as well as an extension or country if needed.

You may add as many phone numbers as you want but please make sure to specify your primary contact number by selecting the preferred checkbox, when you are done click Save. While you are under this personal information tab, you can also add edit or delete other contact information, such as your email address, emergency contacts or even your name as it would appear on a teacher’s class roster.

For any other questions or concerns, please visit NC State’s Student Services website.

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