Using MyPack Portal Com and Registering for Your First Semester at NC State

Description: This tutorial will show you tips on how to use MyPack Portal and Register for your first semester in North Carolina State University.

We are going to show you tips and tricks for navigating Mypack portal and utilizing the enrollment wizard to build your schedule.

Log in to Mypack using your unity ID and password, now when you login to Mypack, you can navigate to the Student Center from the for students tab. This is a central location for managing your personal info, enrolling in classes, paying your bill and other critical information. In the finances section, you will see two areas, one for your student account and one for financial aid, your student account allows you to view your direct deposits from any on-campus job, billing statements and pay your tuition, the financial aid link allows you to review and accept any financial aid and scholarships that you may receive.

In the personal information section, you will be able to update and maintain your current addresses and phone numbers, it is important to keep these up-to-date so the university knows the best way to contact you, you can also update your privacy settings and choose which personal information you would like to make available.

Please make sure that your emergency contact information is updated and that information is different from your own phone number, at the bottom of the screen you’ll see a section for parental access this is where you can grant or revoke access for your parent or guardian to view your financial or academic info, if you grant access to your financial records, they will receive the billing statements at the same time as you and will be able to make payments, ortherwise you won’t be able to discuss your academics or billing with them.

If you choose to grant access, there are a few quick easy steps to set up a login PIN number and password, let’s get into how to register and build your schedule. Click on the yellow search and enroll button to launch the enrollment wizard, on the left you can see your class schedule listed, on the right you can see a calendar view.

You may notice that you have already been registered in classes, your program or Department has placed these classes in your schedule, if you want to change a preregistered class, you must talk to your advisor prior to doing. So next to the my schedule tab, you will also see the My Shopping Cart, My Events and Add to Cart tabs, the shopping cart is where you will add, drop or swap your intended classes. The My Event tab allows you to add jobs, internships, extracurriculars and other commitments to your schedule. The Add Cart tab allows you to search for and select the classes in which you wish to enroll.

When you’re searching for classes, you can look for classes that have a waitlist, ones that fit in your schedule based on other classes and events, look for only open sections of a class as well. There are a couple of ways you can search for classes if you know which specific course you are looking for, you can use the class search tab to choose this course subject number from the drop-down and type in a course number under the required courses search option, you can look for classes that fulfill a degree or GEP requirement. In the future, you will also be able to add classes from the planner courses tab after you’ve planned your degree with your advisor.

Now I’ll show you how to enroll in them, choose the required courses method from the required courses tab, choose the GEP requirement you want to fulfill, pick a subject you are interested in, you’ll see a list of classes appear that would meet the requirement for the program selected and that are offered for the selected term, choose the course you like and you’ll see the different sections for the semester appear.

As you scroll through the options, you’ll see the last section at the bottom doesn’t have a location or time, instead it says it’s a distance education course, which means that it is an online class. We suggest talking to your adviser about taking an online course in your first semester prior to enrolling.

If you hover over My Calendar, the class will appear in yellow, so you can see how it would fit on your calendar, and you can add it to your cart, when it turns blue, it means that it is in your shopping cart but it hasn’t been enrolled. Click the enroll button, here comes up a message box with the green check mark, it indicates that you have successfully enrolled it in.

We suggest that you enroll in each class as you add it to your cart so that you can save your seat, keep in mind that the maximum credit hour limit is 18 hours per semester unless you receive permission from your advisor.

Another feature of the enrollment wizard is swapping which allows you to change between different sections of the same course or different courses altogether, our favorite part about swapping is that you can add a course with the waitlist and not be dropped from the course that is already on your schedule until you successfully have a seat in the new one.

Click Add to Cart this time, make sure to check the waitlist ok box, if there is a yellow triangle next to a class section this means that the class is currently full but there are spots available on the waitlist, if the class has a blue square next to it it means that all of the seats in the class and on the waitlist are full.

Hit the swap button instead of enroll and select the class we want to swap out of, when we hit Save, the green checkmark will appear, then the previously enrolled section will be dropped. If you want to drop a class from your schedule you must talk with your advisor prior to doing.

To drop a class, go to the my schedule tab and check the drop box next to the class you want to draw, next we will click the drop button and a warning message will appear. Once we click continue, a green checkmark appears officially dropping the class from schedule.

We just covered a lot but there are plenty of resources on campus to help make registration easy, one great resource is the Student Services Center website, the Student Services Center is your go-to resource for academic enrollment and exam calendars as well as information on registration degree, planning transcripts tuition, billing, financial aid and scholarships.

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