My Synchrony Financial Login How Beacon Technology Is Customizing the Shopping Experience

Description: This article focuses on the mysynchrony login. Retailers are using technology in new ways to improve the shopping experience at their stores. One key component of this is beacon, which use a person’s mobile device to customize the shopping experience.

My name is Maya. I’m the co-founder and CMO of GP shopper. GP shopper is a mobile commerce and engagement platform. We build mobile applications for retailers and brands to connect those retailers and brands with their favorite customers.

Mobile has been absolutely transformative in the retail experience, the reason why it’s been so transformative is that it has added this extra context of location, when the internet came along all of a sudden, you had all this data and all this information, but you had it in a very static area, your laptop or your desktop computer.

Customers, shoppers and Americans in general spend over two hours a day staring at our mobile device, that’s more time than we spend watching television, for a retailer when you start thinking about how I am going to best reach my target shopper, it starts with the customers spending most time on the device and that happens to be the mobile one.

Beacons are broadcasting devices, a beacon is literally a Bluetooth device that broadcasts an identifier, beacons specifically activate with mobile applications that are tuned in to read that beacons message, an application can recognize that it’s communicating with a beacon.

Then you layer on a mobile engagement platform such as GP shoppers, it goes up to the cloud and says if I am near this beacon, what should I present to the customer? Beacons are also about opting in, there are a lot of brands that are doing the beacon experience very smartly, because they’re pointing out what the value is to customers of opting in.

They’re saying if you walk into our stores, we can give you specifically tailored offers based on being in our store and based on what we might know about you in our loyalty program, you can always opt out, for example if I’m in a grocery store and I’m standing in front of the peanut butter aisle.

I’ve been standing in front of the peanut butter aisle for about three to five minutes, maybe that’s an excellent opportunity for a grocer to ask me if I want some peanut butter recipes or if I want to know some nutritional facts comparing brands.

That’s an optimal beacon experience, what a lot of these digital technologies are leading to is creating experiences that aren’t generic and trying to be broad but being very tailored to individual shoppers into those individual shoppers needs.

Customers especially millennial customers look at shopping in a very different way, they look to collect experiences not necessarily to collect products, retailers have to react to that, they have to stop thinking about digital and different digital touch points like their website or their mobile applications as competitive or competitive storefronts to their brick and mortar.

They have to start stepping back and saying how all these things fit together, then use all these different touch points as they’re contextually relevant to the customer, the future of retail is going to be about this kind of omnipresent experience, it’s going to be a lot more about feelings and not necessarily the boxes that contain products.

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