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NaviNet How to Use NaviNet Transactions and How to Login to Navient

Description: This following article is mainly about login. In this passage, the author offers you a guidance about how to use NaviNet Transactions and how to begin a new transaction. The guidance is helpful.

To begin a new transaction, You need to select my health plans from the workflows menu on the navigation toolbar. Then click a health plan name. On the plan central screen, you can select a transaction on the planned work flows menu. Common navigate transactions include eligibility and benefits inquiries and claim status inquiries.

Any transaction you have access to the health plan will appear on the work flows menu. For this example, we’ll click eligibility and benefits. For most navigate transactions, you are taken to a search screen. For an eligibility and benefits inquiry, the patient search screen appears.

This is the standard patient search screen. You might see different search fields depending on the health plans configurations. For this example, we’ll search by member ID. The date of service field contains today’s date by default, but you can select a different date from the pop-up calendar.

When you have finished entering search criteria, click search. If your search returns more than one result, a search results screen appears. From here, you can either click back to patient search on the wayfinder to modify your search or click a result. Clicking a result link takes you to a details screen.

In this example, we are taken to the eligibility and benefits details screen where we can view member eligibility status and benefits information. When you have finished with the transaction, you can use the wayfinder to navigate back to the plan central page. Use the workflows menu to navigate to a different plan central page or click the navigate logo to return home.

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