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Best 100% Free VPN Add On for Kodi Solo Man How to Activate NBC Sports Com

Description: This passage is mainly about nbcsports com activate. In this passage, the writer shows us the best part of Kodi, which is totally free and unrestricted and there are no limitations to it.

I hope everybody’s having a great day, today I’m going to show you something interesting and that is an add-on specifically for Kodi which is a VPN, and the best part is that it is totally free, it is unrestricted, there are no limitations to it.

We’re going to do this article a little differently, I usually show you the add-on, and then we’re going to do the installation, now we’re going to do it in the other way, let’s go ahead and install it.

First, let’s go into system file manager, you’re going to click on add source, and here where it says none, you’re going to type this URL which as always I will be leaving for you in the article description to make it easier, you have to type this one exactly as it is.

You’re going to name it whatever you want, I name it as Cobra repository, I’m fine with that, you’re going to click on OK, you’re going to go back to home, then you go to system, you’re going to go to add-ons install from C file, you’re going to click on Cobra repository, then you’re going to click on repository Cobra, you have to wait for the repository, give it a few seconds.

It’s going to say Cobra repository updated, here you can see it, and then we’re going to go here, where it says install from repository, you’re going to click on Cobra repository, you’re going to click on programs add-ons, and you’re going to click on Cobra app installer, you’re going to click install, and that will install for you.

Then all you do is to come here where the programs are, you’re going to click on programs, you’re going to click on Cobra app installer, and you have the option for Android, they’re working on Windows and Linux, so they’re not ready now, and I guess you have requests here if you want to request a different operating system.

But for now, let’s click on Android that you have, this installer has a ton of applications for your fire TV sticks and for your Android boxes, you have a lot of apks, I’m going to show you a peek inside of it, you’re going to see what I mean.

Here you have emulators roms and apps, we’re going to click on apps and look at everything that is available here, you have a lot of IPTV add-ons, you have Spotify, there are a lot of stuff, you have Flixter, you have Robbie TV, look at that, I have never seen it on an installer before, and it’s available here.

You have the mob throw both the free version and the premium one available here, and many other applications that you can install on your fire TV sticks and your Android boxes, but the one that I want to highlight today is the VPN, which is called cloud VPN free unlimited, if you click it, it’s going to ask you to download it.

Here it says totally unlimited, and a hundred percent free, no trials, no registrations, no Logging’s, no bandwidth limitations which is very good, and you don’t block all applications and websites, and then all you do is to click on download, and it will be available for you.

I like to know how you like it and what you think about this one, if you’ve tried it, if it works for you, if it on blocks, if you have restrictions in your region or country, it means that some of the add-ons and some of the IPTV shadows get blocked by your ISP provider or by your internet provider.

They should fix all of that, so let me know how it goes and how you like it, also don’t forget to subscribe, hit that red subscribe button for more articles about everything that has to do with the world of streaming IPTV Kodi, you will watch it here, and thank you very much for reading this article, and I will see you in the next one.

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