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NES Classic Edition Unboxing and Gameplay at Walmart

Description: The passage covers the topic which refers to the words of nes classic edition walmart. The woman is going to unbox the NES classic edition and show us the gameplay, then she will fit all of the items in the palm of her hand and teach us how to set it up.

Today we’re checking out the NES classic edition, this comes out November 11th, so it is huge, it is a Nintendo for sending news early to check out, I’m excited, even yesterday, my sister was asking if I had a Super Nintendo or anything here to play some classic games and the irony.

This shows up today, so I can’t believe it, I do have a Super Nintendo and a 64, but neither of them are set up, let’s open it up, this is my childhood, you can use two controllers, another control is sold separately, it’s little sweets.

I’m having flashbacks my childhood, your childhood is only a year ago, you’re still a child who is not interested in it, I’m definitely going to have to get a second controller, we’ve got a power adapter.

This is tiny, this is like the size of an NES game, but this is the size of what the cartridges used to be, can you believe this? Let’s set this thing up. I can fit all of these items in the palm of my hand.

Here’s the problem, this cords are short, put that there, I think this might be a much better setup upstairs my office, but I want to play it on this huge TV, let’s power it on definitely.

I should play my desk, this is huge, so there are 30 total games on this little tiny thing, we’re playing Mario and then trouble play something else, do you reset and go back to it.

I’m having flashbacks to my childhood when you couldn’t save games, so I would tell my mother like you can’t touch this, you have to leave it on and the time, my parents always shut everything off before they go to sleep.

They turn lights off, unplug everything, so for them leaving this on, I know for my father, it drove him, so this is cool, the display settings to have a CRT filter to make it look like some of the old-school TVs with the scan lines the four by three ratio or pixel perfect got Super Mario Brothers 2 all dream bug.

Look at these scan lines, you might have to trust me, I will save you, so there are those 30 total games, I will put all those games listed there, let me know what you are looking forward to.

I’m going to go out of this video now, so see you later, you may guess what I found my iPhone 7 dongle, it’s been missing for quite some time, this also came in today, this is a USB type-c hub, it has many different slots for everything that you’re going to need here.

I’ve got one of the new MacBook Pros or if you have one of the MacBook Airs, you can power it with USB, you get two different SD card slots.

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