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Please Do Not Buy An NES Classic Edition from Walmart for $500

Description: The following passage is mainly designed to concentrate on the popular topic which has the key words of nes classic edition walmart. The author mentions some people buy the NES Classic from Walmart for $500, so he advises us not to buy that kind of device with such a high price.

To be honest with you, I don’t give something about the IDS classic, the little NES anymore, let me be a hundred percent honest with you, if I’m out, I’m at a store and I see one on the shelf and I could pick it up without effort.

I’ll get one at its actual suggested retail price, as long as you’re not asking me to take out a home equity loan to get one and it’s only 60 bucks like it’s supposed to be sure, I’ll pick one up.

I am going to wait out in the cold to get one, if I need to play a game, I have clone systems, I would rather play the real games on, as a matter of fact, I know the gameplay footage you were looking at now and this is not a sponsored plug, I don’t have an affiliate link in the description, nothing is like that.

I’m playing Castlevania three Dracula’s curse on a system by a company called retro USB and the system’s called the AVS and they don’t use emulation, they’re using something called an FPGA which is field programmable array.

You could manipulate it hardware to act the original hardware, the way you want it to be, it makes my head hurt, I understand it, but I can’t explain it, I know that sounds terrible, but it’s not emulation, it’s more like simulation, that’s the best way I’ve heard to describe it.

But as you see, it looks gorgeous, it has HDMI output, it’s not cheap, you’re pushing 200 bucks to get one, but what did you pay for that? It has never been applied better than it could be with the ABS from retro USB.

I will leave a link to the website below in the description again, it’s not an affiliate link, I don’t make a dime off of it for warning you their website, it looks like a geocities website from 1997 retro USB.

If you hear this, you get to update your website man, it looks awful, but the products are amazing and if you want to pick one up a hub link to their website below in the description and in case you didn’t hear me the first 30 times.

I do not get paid if you buy one of these with no sponsorship, no affiliation, no affiliate link, they sent me one out to review and I’m frigging, loving it, moving on to today’s story.

So a few days back now, you remember me doing a story on people buying the NES classic or the NES mini, you want to call it and they would buy a whole bunch of them whether they bought them from one store.

If the store allowed it or they would go out to a whole bunch of stores, because some stores only had few, you could purchase one per customer, they would buy them up, they would end the stores, would end up selling out, because they’re also douche bags which would only have five or six per store.

Then these people would go on eBay or whatever the case may be and they would scalp the living, some of them were selling them for 80 grand, 40 grand, five six thousand dollars.

It was absolutely ridiculous, a $60 clone system from Nintendo, it’s an official clone system from Nintendo that has 30 retro games on, it is going for thousands upon thousands of dollars, because Nintendo is doing the whole thing that they’ve done in the past where they make it artificially scarce by not giving stores enough stock.

What can’t you have now? You have all these scalpers out there, try to make a quick buck, quite a few quick bucks, but it’s ridiculous, I can’t stand scalpers and I hate what Nintendo is doing to Nintendo and the scalpers in my opinion are at fault.

But this makes me facepalm, so you have people, it happens all the time, there seems to be some items every holiday season that whether a company does it purposely or not, that’s scarce.

People are buying them and selling them, like I said on eBay, it is welcome to capitalism, I think it’s bad, but whatever you know, you can’t stop people from doing it.

But now big corporate companies are getting in on scalping people and one of them is Walmart gee, I didn’t see that one coming Walmart has the NES classic, but they’re not selling it for $60.

A major retailer should be like that, they’re considered a major retailer, take a look at how much they’re selling it for almost five hundred dollars Walmart, a corporation is scalping customers, Nintendo is telling something that the suggested retail price should be 60 US dollars.

You have Walmart themselves scalping people, they are selling the NES classic, a clone system, a clone system that people want more, because it’s shaped like the old-school NES that has 30 built-in games since you can’t expand and add games.

I’m not knocking the thing, I think it’s a good deal, you know 60 bucks, 30 good games, that’s not bad, but I’m saying they’re selling that system, I should say Sony selling the ps4 Pro 4, it’s almost $100 more to get the NES classic from Walmart.

It is to get a ps4 Pro, let that sink in for a second, it seems a tad shady, if you’re a parent out there and maybe I have some parents who aren’t that tech-savvy who have a kid, who wants this, because it’s a hot item and you want to get it for him for Christmas.

You’re thinking because $500 is a lot of money, but it’s not like the eBay listings for thousands of dollars, I beg you, you don’t buy this thing, buy him a ps4 Pro, buy them some other ways to play nes games.

If you want to play the retro stuff, don’t buy this, it pisses me off, because I guarantee you behind the scenes at almost first off, I know what Nintendo is doing there, they’re making the system purposely not making enough stock for the system to build a man.

So people want to get the NES classic, this happens and mark my words with big corporations like Walmart in other places, I’m sure there’s some handshaking going on with Nintendo behind the scenes.

We’ll only send you, a few of them will make people want to get them and you can hike up the prices and Walmart’s making impressions on a profit.

I’m sure at $500 even though it’s a lot of money, it’s an amount of money that people can obtain that is attainable, it’s not going to wipe out people’s bank accounts in most cases.

So I’m sure people are buying them for five hundred bucks, but it doesn’t make it any less shady, what is Walmart doing? Like I said, I blame Nintendo as much Nintendo, you have enough money in the bank, you could have had a whole stockpile of these things manufactured.

But you wanted it to be in hot demand and when people like me talked about it, I guess I’m part of the problem, keep real with you, it builds up more hype, it builds up more hype and now this thing every time it goes into a store, it’s going to be sold out whereas it would have sold well.

If Nintendo made ample stock like they should have, but maybe because people want what they can’t have, people are going to be lining up at stores and as soon as they get into the stores, they are going to sell out and in the end Nintendo probably sells more units, because they’re purposely making the NES classic scarce.

I beg you for the parents that are watching this, you are thinking about pulling the trigger for five hundred bucks, don’t get this, get them at Xbox, get your kids in Xbox 1s instead.

If they don’t have one, get them a ps4 Pro instead, if they don’t have one, don’t buy this thing that you could only play the thirty games that comes with it for five hundred dollars.

You can’t add games, you can’t put it, it doesn’t have an SD card slot, you can only play the thirty games that it comes with it now, they’re good games and if you can find the system for 60 bucks, pull the trigger on it, because my Walmart wants to make a profit off a high demand item.

Stay away from a man, give them the metaphorical finger by not giving them business for doing this, this is richer review tech USA signing out on Twitch tonight.

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